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Bee Control In Baltimore MD

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Bee Control Services In Baltimore MD

Miche Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest control company that provides residential and commercial bee control services in Baltimore MD and the surrounding areas. Our expert bee exterminators get rid of bee infestations quickly using combinations of highly effective pest management strategies to both get rid of existing bees and prevent their return. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today!

What Types of Bees Are There in Baltimore?

The most common bees in the Baltimore, MD area are honeybees, bumble bees, mining bees, and carpenter bees. 

How Do I Know What Type of Bees I Have?

Here are some characteristics of the most common bees found in Maryland to help you in identifying which type you may have:

  • Honeybees: Fuzzy and light brown in color; yellow and black bands around their abdomens; ½ inch to 5/8 inch in length
  • Bumble bees: Fuzzy thoraxes, heads, and abdomens; singular yellow band around their thoraxes; yellow and black abdomens; ¾ inch to 1.5 inches in length
  • Mining bees: Black bodies and heads; fuzzy yellow or pale bands on their abdomens; 2/25 inch to 1 3/5 inch in length
  • Carpenter Bees: Shiny, black abdomens; may have a yellow, white, brown, or black thoraxes; ½ inch to 1 inch in length 

Do All Bees Build Hives The Same Way?

Honeybees build their nests as colonies, preferring human-made structures and buildings. Bumble bees build their nests underground, often in burrows previously dug out by rodents. Mining bees build their nests by digging into the ground, particularly sandy soils. Carpenter bees build their nests by burrowing and drilling into wood, often in decks, wood piles, and wooden sheds.

How Do I Get Rid of a Bee Hive?

The safest way to remove a bee hive from your home is always going to be to call a professional. Our technicians are highly trained in the safe and effective removal of various types of beehives, even from within the more hard-to-reach places. Due to most bees’ potential aggressive nature when disturbed, you should never try to remove a hive from somewhere you can’t reach or without proper protection.

How Do I Get Rid of Bees?

Because bees are stinging (and often-aggressive) insects, you should never touch, disturb, or try to remove a beehive by yourself. Our highly trained technicians can quickly, safely, and effectively rid your home of bees and prevent you, your family, and your pets from getting stung.

How Do I Prevent the Bees from Coming Back?

The best way to prevent the bees from returning is with a quarterly pest control plan. Once we’ve gotten the bees under control during your initial pest control service, we recommend continuous quarterly treatment of the exterior of your home to prevent the resurgence of any bee populations.

How Dangerous Are Bees?

  • The most common type of bee sting, which comes from the honeybee, contains venom and can be quite painful. Honeybees are the only stinging bee that die upon stinging their victim.
  • It is very rare for bumble bees to sting humans, but they will do so if provoked or disturbed. Bumble bees do not die when they sting, in fact, they may sting their victim multiple times in one attack.
  • Female mining bees, while not aggressive in nature, are the only mining bees to have stingers. However, their stingers are usually too small to break a person’s skin, so mining bees tend to not be dangerous to humans.
  • Female carpenter bees may sting if disturbed but mostly keep to themselves unless provoked. Male carpenter bees do not have stingers. 

Let Us Help!

Miche Pest Control offers safe and effective treatment plans in the Baltimore, Maryland area that are specifically designed to target, remove, and prevent bees from nesting in and around your home. Give us a call today at (844) 211-7378 to schedule your initial pest control service and get those bees under control!

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is the most populous city in Maryland, as well as the 30th most populous city in the United States. Baltimore is the largest independent city in the country and was designated as such by the Constitution of Maryland in 1851. Baltimore is located about 40 miles northeast of Washington DC, making it a principal city in the Washington–Baltimore combined statistical area.

British colonists established the Port of Baltimore in 1706 to support the tobacco trade, and established the Town of Baltimore in 1729. The Battle of Baltimore was a pivotal engagement during the War of 1812, culminating in the bombardment of Fort McHenry, during which Francis Scott Key wrote a poem that would become "The Star-Spangled Banner", which was eventually designated as the American national anthem in 1931. During the Pratt Street Riot of 1861, the city was the site of some of the earliest violence associated with the American Civil War.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the oldest railroad in the United States, was built in 1830 and cemented Baltimore's status as a major transportation hub, giving producers in the Midwest and Appalachia access to the city's port. Baltimore's Inner Harbor was once the second leading port of entry for immigrants to the United States. In addition, Baltimore was a major manufacturing center. After a decline in major manufacturing, heavy industry, and restructuring of the rail industry, Baltimore has shifted to a service-oriented economy. Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University are the city's top two employers. Baltimore and its surrounding region are home to the headquarters of a number of major organizations and government agencies, including the NAACP, ABET, the National Federation of the Blind, Catholic Relief Services, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the Social Security Administration.

With hundreds of identified districts, Baltimore has been dubbed a "city of neighborhoods". Many of Baltimore's neighborhoods have rich histories: the city is home to some of the earliest National Register Historic Districts in the nation, including Fell's Point, Federal Hill, and Mount Vernon. These were added to the National Register between 1969 and 1971, soon after historic preservation legislation was passed. Baltimore has more public statues and monuments per capita than any other city in the country. Nearly one third of the city's buildings (over 65,000) are designated as historic in the National Register, which is more than any other US city.

Nearby Cities:

Ellicott City MD (10 miles), Columbia MD (15 miles), Laurel MD (18 miles), Annapolis MD (22 miles), Bowie MD (22 miles), Hyattsville MD (29 miles), Silver Spring MD (30 miles), Rockville MD (32 miles), Bethesda MD (33 miles), Gaithersburg MD (33 miles), Upper Marlboro MD (34 miles), Washington DC (35 miles), Arlington VA (38 miles), Alexandria VA (41 miles), Falls Church VA (41 miles), Frederick MD (44 miles), Springfield VA (46 miles), Herndon VA (47 miles), Fairfax VA (48 miles), Ashburn VA (50 miles), Leesburg VA (52 miles), Woodbridge VA (56 miles), Manassas VA (59 miles), Fredericksburg VA (82 miles)

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