Comprehensive Pest Solutions For Alexandria, Virginia Properties

One can’t deny the beauty of Alexandria, Virginia when walking down her brick sidewalks, admiring her historic buildings, and strolling through her tree-lined streets. Alexandria, Virginia embodies the resources and atmosphere of an idyllic small city. However, in spite of Alexandria’s charm, residents and business owners struggle with pests that thrive throughout our region. That’s why our experts at Miche Pest Control offer specialized pest control services.

From tiny ants to large rodents and everything in between, our professionals will keep pests out of your home or business. Find out today why so many of your neighbors, friends, and business owners trust our local experts to protect their property from annoying, damaging, and dangerous pests.

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Home Pest Control In Alexandria

Let the professionals at Miche Pest Control provide the services needed to inspect and control any of your current pest control problems. We offer both preventative and extermination services so that you can enjoy a pest-free home. Our trained experts understand our area’s most common pests and their life cycles of growth, maturation, and reproduction.

Our home pest control services work to break up the life cycle of pests and destroy them in the process. Your Alexandra home’s pest problems will become a thing of the past by taking advantage of our Quarterly Pest Control plan which includes two initial services performed 3-5 weeks apart with the intention of breaking up a pest’s life cycle, quarterly visits to maintain a protective barrier around your home and prevent a re-infestation, and our service guarantee which offers re-treatment options if pests return between scheduled visits.

In addition to our Quarterly Pest Control Plan, we also offer customized solutions that target specific pests. These include bed bug control, carpenter ant control, German cockroach control, mosquito and tick control, and termite control. If you are looking to eliminate your home's pest problems, we will find a solution that works for you.

Commercial Pest Control In Alexandria, VA

Miche Pest Control provides the resources and experience needed to protect Alexandria businesses from pest damage. We are experienced in controlling and eliminating a wide variety of pests from different types of industries and businesses; You can trust us with your business's pest control needs. Pests live all around us, and unfortunately, they have the potential to enter any commercial facility and damage its structure, equipment, and inventory. Miche Pest Control provides the quality commercial pest control services needed to take action against pests and stop them from negatively affecting your business and its reputation.

Who Else In Alexandria, VA Wants To Avoid Spiders?

Spiders cause regular concern among home and business owners. Though they kill other nuisance insects, an overabundance of these creatures proves unpleasant. They hide in dark corners, they’re difficult to control, and they build unsightly webs. To stop these eight-legged pests from becoming a problem in your Alexandria home or commercial facility, our experts want to provide some easy-to-execute spider prevention tips:

  • To keep spider populations from developing in your yard, get rid of cluttered areas where they can burrow or build their webs. Avoid overgrown gardens, shrubs, and grass by pruning and cutting regularly.

  • Eliminate access points that would allow spiders to crawl into your home or business. Place door sweeps on exterior doors, replace ripped screens, place weather stripping around windows and doors, and use a caulking gun to seal spaces in the foundation. Make sure to repair holes along the roofline and place metal mesh covers over vents leading into your property.

  • Spiders feed on insects, so they will be attracted to properties where there is a lot of insect activity. Whenever you discover spider webs in or around your home clear them away. Removing their webs prevents spiders from catching their prey which will make them less apt to stick around.

Our experts at Miche Pest Control offer routine pest control services for property owners here in Alexandria looking for a foolproof solution to their spider problems.

3 Things Everyone In Alexandria, VA Ought To Know About Termites

Termites are destructive pests that unfortunately thrive in our area of the country.  These wood-eating pests will cause extensive damage to your property. They will sustain their large colonies by eating away at the structural integrity of your home or business. Though termite infestations are often impossible to prevent, certain measures can help you make your home or business less appetizing. Furthermore, there are tell-tale signs of infestation, and if you recognize them in or around your home or business, you need to contact a professional immediately.

Here are three tips to help you avoid and recognize a termite infestation:

1. Termites enter into structures through spaces only 1/16th of an inch, allowing them to enter inside of almost any structure they come across.

2. Termite swarmers or winged reproductive termites swarm from a mature colony to find a mate and create a new colony. A termite swarm is a clear indication of a termite infestation in a home or business. However, it can take 4-10 years for this to occur.

3. Termites are attracted to moisture and thus seek out decaying or water-damaged wood.

To prevent problems with termites, it is important to reduce excess moisture in or around your home, seal all entry points into your home, and partner with Miche Pest Control. By working together, we will keep destructive termites from choosing your home as their next food source. Contact us today to learn more about our termite control services.


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