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Top Rated Millipede Control Services For Homes & Businesses In Washington DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia

Miche Pest Control is a top rated, family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides exterminating services for millipedes in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Our expert technicians get rid of millipedes fast, and use preventative methods to help keep millipedes from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - click on the button below to get started, or give us a call today!

What are millipedes?

Millipedes are an excellent example of occasional invaders that commonly finds their way inside Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C. homes. Occasional invaders are a group of insects that spend the majority of their lives outside. However, every once in a while, these pests wind up in our homes (sometimes in large numbers) after being attracted to moisture or in order to escape unsuitable weather conditions. 

Millipedes have a cylindrical black or dark brown body with some red or orange mottled markings. These insects have two pairs of legs per body segment, but they move slowly in a wave-like motion despite having many legs.

Are millipedes dangerous?

Millipedes aren't pests that cause damage to our structures, contaminate our food, or spread diseases. But, if you are noticing millipedes in your home, know there are openings that other more dangerous or damaging insects could take advantage of. 

It is also important to note that avoiding contact with millipedes is important because they produce and secrete a liquid that can cause a skin rash or blisters. Millipedes aren't speedy pests, so avoiding contact with them is usually quite easy.

Why do I have a millipede problem?

Most occasional invaders, like millipedes, have high moisture needs and the damp soil found around the perimeter of our homes draws them to its foundation and exterior doors. 

If the temperature becomes too hot and the soil too dry, they want to migrate somewhere that provides cool, damp living conditions, unfortunately, things that many of our homes offer them! 

Things like leaking pipes, poor ventilation, and damaged weatherstripping allow moisture buildup in your home that attracts millipedes and other insects.

Where will I find millipedes?

Outside millipedes live in damp soil and tend to gather in areas that put them close to the exterior of our homes or garages. The ground around and under landscaping ties, mulch, trash cans, woodpiles, or shrubbery are common spots to find these pests. 

After moving inside, millipedes migrate to damp, dark areas in a house. Basements, crawl spaces, closets, cabinets under sinks, and spaces behind tubs provide a suitable environment for these pests. 

Millipedes are also often found gathering underneath things in our homes like furniture, cardboard boxes, stacks of paper, folded towels, or bedding.

How do I get rid of millipedes?

If you see millipedes or other pests occasionally in your home, it is best to seek the help of a professional. At Miche Pest Control, we can help you eliminate your current pest problem and implement the routine services necessary to keep them from returning.

Our friendly, highly trained professionals use effective and modern pest control methods and products to control millipedes and other common household pests living in and around your home or business. To learn more about the exceptional residential or commercial pest control services we offer throughout our service areas in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., contact Miche Pest Control today!

How can I prevent millipedes in the future?

Preventing problems with millipedes is difficult, but we want to help you guard your property against these pests by offering these helpful prevention tips:

  • Millipedes and other occasional invaders enter our homes through gaps they find at ground level. To help keep them out, caulk gaps in the foundation of your home and install door sweeps on exterior doors.
  • Cover vents and other openings that lead into your home.
  • Repair leaky pipes and drippy faucets that will provide the moisture that attracts these pests.
  • Reduce humidity levels in your home by using dehumidifiers or air conditioners.
  • Keep storage areas neat and free of a lot of cardboard boxes and other clutter.
  • Create a stone barrier between garden beds, grass, or mulch and your foundation.
  • Cut shrubbery back away from your home to help the soil stay dry.

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