Effective Pest Solutions For Rockville, Maryland Properties

Those living in Rockville love the fact that this small city is their "hometown".  The city cares deeply about public service, its thriving businesses, and its residents.  Furthermore, its proximity to Washington D.C. allows residents and visitors alike to easily access our country's capital.  As a result of our pride for the city of Rockville, we want to keep it clean. That's why our experts at Miche Pest Control work so hard to rid our local communities of unwanted pests. 
Miche Pest Control is a locally owned and operated company that always puts customers first. We will work with you, your schedule, and your unique pest control needs to keep your home clean and free of unwanted rodents, insects, and other pests. 

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Home Pest Control in Rockville, MD

You want to protect your family and home from dangerous pests. Miche Pest Control wants that too. When you call us to set up a service plan or one-time treatment, you’ll receive our unmatched professionalism, skill, and commitment. We cover a huge variety of pests, including moths, fleas, beetles, ants, stinging insects, and occasional invaders. We offer three flexible service plans and a variety of one-time options aimed at specific pests, like carpenter ants, termites, and mosquitoes and ticks.

Specifically, our professional pest control plans come with the option of repeated quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly service visits depending on the extent of your pest control problems and your individual needs. We will inspect your home for signs of invasion, then come up with a treatment option that works for you, your schedule, and your budget. 

Any treatment you choose comes with a guaranteed 30-day warranty. If we don’t do the job right the first time, we’ll come right back. You won’t pay a single penny if we do. And regardless of what options you choose, our treatments will not interfere with your daily life. For the most part, we focus on the exterior to avoid disruptive and dangerous indoor treatments. Our treatment methods include dusting and spraying foundations, creating granular barriers, and sweeping eaves to remove wasps’ nests and spiderwebs.

3 Things Rockville, MD Residents Should Know About Bed Bugs

If you’re dealing with bed bugs, it helps to stay informed. Bed bugs can cause you a lot of headaches if you aren’t prepared to deal with them. Even if you do your best to keep your home clean and tidy, bed bugs can still find their way inside. Once in your home, they're almost impossible to eliminate without the help of a professional. 
Bed bugs are tenacious, resourceful, and a complete nuisance once they find their way into your home. Here are three things you need to know about bed bugs:

  • They don’t travel on their own. Instead, they use tiny claws to cling to fabric. That means they can attach themselves to clothes, shoes, and backpacks.

  • They tend to live close to their host. They can’t move very far without clinging to fabric, so they usually live near a feeding spot – in other words, you. Search around your bed/mattress and you might find their nest. However, they are excellent at hiding so look closely along the seems.

  • They’re nocturnal. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bed bug during the day. They usually only come out at night, using carbon dioxide emissions from your breath to track you down and start feeding.

In the end, dealing with a bed bug infestation is extremely stressful. Even if you think you have the problem under control, this pest can lay dormant for months only to resurface over time. If bed bugs are causing you issues, reach out to Miche Pest Control. We know exactly how to kill these unwanted pests and get rid of them for good. 

How Much Damage Can Termites Cause In Rockville, MD?

Never underestimate termites. They are a huge threat to your home and your wallet. On average, termites cause around $5 billion in damages to U.S. homeowners, with the average repair costs coming out to $3,300 per homeowner. That’s a hefty sum of money for such tiny pests!
Termites are almost impossible to detect on your own. They develop their colony deep within the woodwork in and around your home. If you notice you have a termite problem, it's probably fairly extensive. However, there are some signs that you are experiencing a termite infestation: 

  • Put your ear against your walls or woodwork. Do you hear beating or drumming? If so, those are the soldier termites alerting other colony members of a potential threat to their nest. 

  • Tap on the timber of your home. Does it sound hollow? If so, an infestation is well underway. 

  • Inspect the foundation of your home. Do you see small mud tubes connecting the ground to your structure? If so, that's where termites are entering and exiting your home. 

  • Open your doors and windows. Are they sticking? If so, termites produce excess moisture causing woodwork to swell. 

  • Look for flying termites also known as swarmers or alates. If you see a swarm of termites, you need to contact a professional immediately - it's an indication of a well-established termite problem. 

In the end, we know that termites are scary and elusive invaders. If you're worried you have a termite problem, contact the professionals at Miche Pest Control for a free inspection. 

Tips To Avoid Cockroaches In Rockville, MD

While a single roach in your home isn’t always cause for concern, it may indicate a larger infestation. Cockroaches carry dangerous diseases that they pick up as they travel through unsanitary, damp channels. To avoid a cockroach infestation, use these prevention tips to keep your home free of these dirty pests: 

  • Clean your counters and floors.

  • Take out the trash often.

  • Seal outdoor garbage bins tight.

  • Store food in plastic containers.

  • Don’t leave food on the counters.

  • Keep outdoor eating areas clean.

  • Fix cracks, crevices, and openings on your home’s exterior.

  • Reduce moisture in your home.

  • Fix any leaks, especially in the kitchen.

In spite of your best efforts, you still may end up with a cockroach infestation. If you suspect that cockroaches are in your Rockville home, don't panic! Our professionals at Miche Pest Control can make your cockroach problem disappear. Call us today if you need to eradicate roaches for good!


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