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Bug & Insect Control Services In Washington DC

Miche Pest Control is a family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides bug and insect control services for homes and businesses in Washington DC and the surrounding areas. Our expert exterminators get rid of bug and insect infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the bugs and insects from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today or book online!

What Are The Most Common Bugs Found In Washington DC?

Of the hundreds of species of bugs, insects, and arachnids found in the DC area, the most common are cockroaches, wasps, hornets, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and more.

Why Should I Get Pest Control For My Washington DC Home?

While some pests may be nothing more than a nuisance, there are many species of bugs and insects in Washington DC that may cause damage to your home and property, as well as many species that pose a threat to humans and pets. For this reason, we highly recommended that residents in the DC area have a continuous, year-round pest control plan.

Examples of Potentially Dangerous Bugs Commonly Found in Washington DC

  • Cockroaches may carry allergens and illness-causing bacteria 
  • Wasps and Hornets are aggressive, stinging insects that release venom which may be fatal to humans 
  • Spiders: common to the DC area are Black Widow spiders, Brown Recluse spiders, and Wolf spiders, some of which release venom that may be harmful or even fatal to humans if not treated.
  • Mosquitoes may carry a variety of viruses and diseases that can be transmitted to humans and may be fatal 
  • Carpenter ants and termites pose a significant threat to the structure of your home, which can be costly if not treated right away  

How Often Should My Home Be Treated For Bugs & Insects

At Miche Pest Control, we highly recommend that our Washington DC customers have a regular pest control service performed at their home on a quarterly basis (every 3 months) to keep unwanted bugs and insects away. 

What Do Our Pest Control Treatments For Bugs And Insects Include?

Our pest control program, which is specifically designed to exterminate, control, and prevent the return of various bugs and insects, includes:

  • power-spraying a 4 to 6 barrier around the foundation of your home
  • granulating an additional 10 feet out from the foundation
  • applying a dust to any cracks and crevices found around your home
  • cobweb & wasp/hornet nest removal

The power-spraying helps to keep existing bugs from getting inside, while the granules help to push and keep bugs away from the perimeter of your home.

What Bugs Are Covered By Miche's Pest Control Program?

Our quarterly pest control plan includes, but is not limited to ants, spiders, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, wasps, hornets, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and more.

How Are Bugs Getting Inside My Home?

Bugs and insects usually make their way into homes through openings, cracks, and crevices found around windows, doors, and the foundation of your home. For this reason, our pest control service is specifically designed to thoroughly treat the exterior foundation and perimeter of your home.

Do I Need Interior Pest Control?

Our pest control treatments are designed to be thorough enough on the outside that you shouldn’t need inside treatment, but the interior is always included at no additional cost by request.

Are Pest Control Products Dangerous to Use Around My Home?

At Miche Pest Control, we use products that are registered with the EPA and are labeled for use in and around homes, hospitals, daycares, and pet kennels.

In Addition to Pest Control Services, How Else Can I Keep Bugs Away?

We recommend the following steps be taken regularly in order to prevent bugs and insects from nesting in and around your Washington DC home: 

  • Maintain and clean your yard regularly, clearing any piles of leaves and branches 
  • Keep any potential hiding spots clean and clear of debris, such as behind appliance
  • Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in your home in places like the basement or the laundry room
  • Keep floors and countertops free of crumbs and dirt
  • Keep food containers, including pet food containers, covered, secured, and elevated off the ground
  • Keep any interior and exterior trash bins covered at all times

Miche Pest Control offers safe and effective treatment plans in the Washington DC area that are specifically designed to exterminate and prevent the return of various bugs and insects in and around your home. Give us a call today at (844) 211-7378 to schedule your initial pest control service and rid your home of potentially dangerous and annoying bugs!

Washington DC

Washington DC, formally known as the District of Columbia, more commonly known as DC, is the official capital of the United States of America. It is located on east side of the Potomac River, bordering Maryland and Virginia. The United States Congress held its first session there in 1800. The city was named after George Washington,  a Founding Father and the first president of the United States. The federal district was named after Columbia, a female personification of our nation. As the seat of the US federal government and several international organizations, DC is an important world political capital. It is one of the most visited cities in the US, with over 24 million visitors in 2019.

The District of Columbia is not a part of any U.S. state. The signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, approved the creation of a capital district located along the Potomac River near the country's Atlantic Coast. The City of Washington was founded in 1791 to serve as the national capital. In 1801, the land, formerly part of Maryland and Virginia (at the time including the settlements of Georgetown and Alexandria), officially became recognized as the federal district. In 1846, Congress returned to Virginia the portion of Washington DC that had been originally ceded by Virginia, including the cities of Alexandria and Arlington; in 1871, it created a single municipal government for the remaining portion of the district.

DC is divided into quadrants (NW, NE, SE, and SW), centered on the United States Capitol (aka the Capitol Building or Capitol Hill), with 8 wards, 37 Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, and 127 named neighborhoods. It is the 20th-most populous city in the US. Commuters from the surrounding suburbs in Maryland and Northern Virginia raise the city's daytime population to more than one million during the workweek. Washington DC's metropolitan area is the country's sixth-largest metropolitan area, and includes portions of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

Nearby Cities:

Arlington VA (3 miles), Bethesda MD (6 miles), Hyattsville MD (6 miles), Silver Spring MD (6 miles), Alexandria VA (7 miles), Falls Church VA (7 miles), Springfield VA (11 miles), Rockville MD (14 miles), Bowie MD (15 miles), Fairfax VA (15 miles), Laurel MD (17 miles), Upper Marlboro MD (17 miles), Gaithersburg MD (19 miles), Herndon VA (19 miles), Woodbridge VA (21 miles), Columbia MD (23 miles), Ashburn VA (26 miles), Manassas VA (26 miles), Ellicott City MD (28 miles), Annapolis MD (30 miles), Leesburg VA (32 miles), Baltimore MD (35 miles), Frederick MD (40 miles), Fredericksburg VA (48 miles)

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