Effective Pest Solutions For Glen Burnie, Maryland Properties

Glen Burnie is a city with lots of amenities. With opportunities to swim, play, shop, and explore, Glen Burnie is an exceptional place to live. It's close proximity to Baltimore allows residents to quickly access the big city amenities. Only 40 miles from our nation's capital, residents can easily visit attractions in Washington D.C. 

As a locally owned and operated business, our aim at Miche Pest Control is to preserve the charm of the communities we live in and serve. Therefore, if you're living in Glen Burnie and experiencing a rodent infestation, contact us today so that we can work with you to develop a plan to rid your home of unwanted pests.  

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Home Pest Control In Glen Burnie, MD

Dealing with pests is something no homeowner wants to do. It’s messy, time-consuming, expensive, and often, impossible. That’s why Glen Burnie residents turn to Miche Pest Control to tackle the pests plaguing their home. Our well-trained technicians can handle a variety of pests including fleas, stinging insects, ants, spiders, moths, beetles, and occasional invaders. Furthermore, we’ve designed our service plans to be as affordable as possible while still covering the most difficult pests removal.
We offer quarterly, monthly, and bi-monthly service plans depending on your needs and your budget. Each of these regular services focuses on treating the outside of your home which allows you to continue your daily life without interruption. This minimally invasive way of pest treatment applies a granular barrier around the exterior of your property along with a power spray and dusting and the removal of spider webs and wasp nests. 

If service plans aren’t your thing, we also offer quite a few one-time service options that will treat your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss all of our service options. Lastly, all of our service options come with a pest-free guarantee, so if you continue to experience a pest problem after treatment, we will return to your property and treat again, free of charge. 

Guide To Minimizing Cockroach Risks In Glen Burnie, MD

Cockroaches are your worst nightmare if you own a home in Glen Burnie. After all, they’re disgusting and unclean. Even worse, they’re dangerous! They can spread all kinds of harmful diseases to anyone in your home. Use these tips to keep the cockroaches away:

  • Keep your house as clean as possible. Cockroaches thrive in filth and will eat just about anything.

  • Regular cleaning discourages them from staying in your home.

  • Remove any access to food. Properly store food in plastic containers, lock down all garbage cans tightly, and patch up exterior entry points and openings.

  • Get rid of moisture and water buildup in your home. Cockroaches can survive weeks without food, but they can’t live for long without water.

While these tips are helpful in preventing cockroaches, you still may find yourself in the throws of an infestation in spite of your best efforts. Cockroaches are thrifty and will find their way inside through the smallest of spaces. Furthermore, they will eat and drink just about anything making it difficult to stave them out. Instead of trying to deal with a cockroach problem on your own, contact our professionals at Miche Pest Control Company so that we can work with you to make your cockroach problem a thing of the past.

3 Things Everyone In Glen Burnie, MD Ought To Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are an annoying summertime pest that likes to harass the outdoor lovers among us. But do you know everything there is to know about mosquitoes? Here are three mosquito secrets that can help you reduce the bites and the risks associated with this persnickety pest:

  • Mosquitoes spread dangerous diseases. Whether it’s the Zika virus, the West Nile virus, or other illnesses, mosquitoes serve as an ideal host. Their direct access to their prey's bloodstream allows them to easily transmit these diseases to those they bite. In fact, mosquitoes are considered one of the most deadly animals on the planet!

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant water. They need still water to lay eggs and are thus attracted to water collected in kid's pools, tire swings, birdbaths, gutters, and more. 

  • Mosquitoes only live for an average of 1-2 weeks. Male mosquitoes tend to only live one week while female mosquitoes live for 2 weeks or longer. Their rate of reproduction along with their longer life span makes these pests difficult to eradicate without professional help. 

To handle a major mosquito infestation, contact the professionals at Miche Pest Control today. We use fogging and growth regulator treatments to drastically diminish your mosquito population so that you can enjoy your yard again! 

Who Else Wants To Avoid Bed Bugs In Glen Burnie, MD?

The answer: Everyone! Getting bed bugs results in painful nighttime bites and plenty of embarrassment. Even worse, it's practically impossible to get rid of bed bugs on your own. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs will turn up in any home - large or small, dirty or clean. These creatures hitchhike into your home on clothing, bags, or packaging, and once inside, they will hide during the day and feed on humans and pets at night.  They survive on blood, so if you're noticing zig-zag or linear bites on your body, this may be an indication that you have a bed bug problem. 
In spite of the stress and frustration that comes with a bed bug infestation, take heart in knowing that the professionals at Miche Pest Control can help. We’re well-trained in locating bed bug nests, destroying them, and helping you prevent future infestations. Contact us at Miche Pest Control today to discuss options for bed bug control


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