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Miche Pest Control is a pest control company that provides residential and commercial pest control services in Dundalk MD and the surrounding areas. Miche Pest Control was started in 2019 by Tom Miche, after he had worked for years as a pest control technician and service manager. Since its formation in 2019, Miche Pest Control has provided high quality pest control, rodent control, mosquito control, and termite control services. Miche Pest Control has earned a 4.9 star rating with over 1,000 reviews. 

With service times available as soon as the next business day, you can count on Miche Pest Control. Contact us - get your free quote on the best pest control in Dundalk MD, and we'll add a free upgrade to include termite monitoring services when you enroll in one of our quarterly pest control plans. Call today or book online!

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Pest Control In Dundalk, MD


Miche Pest Control provides extermination services that get rid of ants, spiders, cockroaches, and more from homes and businesses in Dundalk, MD. We get rid of pests fast by using a combination of highly effective treatment methods, using the best products available for the specific pests that you're seeing. Our most popular plan in Maryland is our quarterly pest control service. 

Included in each quarterly service from Miche Pest Control:

  • Spider Web Removal
  • Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal
  • 4 to 6 Foot Barrier Spray For Crawling Insects
  • 10 Foot Granular Barrier To Push Bugs Away From The Home
  • Detailed Crack & Crevice Treatments
  • Inside Treatment As Needed

This service is designed to be thorough enough on the outside that you shouldn't need inside treatment, but the inside is always included when needed and/or requested. We use products that are registered with the EPA, and labeled for use in and around homes, hospitals, day cares, and pet kennels. The first service gets rid of any current pest issues, and immediately starts working to keep pests from coming back after they've been eliminated. A few months later, once the products break down and egg sacs start hatching, the pests usually come back - that's why we do four services per year, and more if you need. If you're having issues with covered pests in between regular services, just let us know and as needed, we'll go back out in between services at no extra cost.

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Things That Residents Of Dundalk MD Can Do About Rats - Whether They Have Them Or Not

  • Inspect your property regularly for signs of rodent activity
  • Keep your yard free of trash, debris, high grass, or accumulations of building supplies. If you must store materials or equipment outside, do so neatly.
  • Don't leave pet food, dog manure, bird seed, and other food scraps outside. Never put household garbage or food scraps in compost piles. Make sure garbage cans are closed, with tight-fitting lids.
  • Get rid of standing water from your property, and remove items that can accumulate rain water.
  • Close any holes you can find in the foundation of your house, and fill in voids underneath stairs, sidewalks, and porches. Ensure there are no gaps around the exterior doors of your home. Install a tight-fitting lid on your sump pump well.
  • Clean up outside eating areas regularly, and don't feed wild animals. Remove fruit trees.

What Can Property Owners In Dundalk MD Do To Get Rid of Rodents?

Mice and rats remain elusive and mysterious to many property owners, making them hard to get rid of. 

If you’re wondering what it is that you can do right now to get rid of mice or rats, follow these simple tips to get started:

  • Keep garage and bay doors closed when not in use
  • Inspect doors to make sure that they seal tightly, paying special attention to the areas near the ground and other access points around the home
  • Inspect crawl space and soffit screens for rips or tears, and reinforce the screens with 1/4th inch galvanized hardware cloth
  • Ensure garbage can lids are tightly secured and avoid putting recycled containers in the garage or on the porch
  • Store grass seed, bird seed, and pet food in metal or hard plastic containers with lids that fit tightly
  • Keep seasonal décor such as wreaths and dried arrangements in tightly-sealed containers when not in use

Rodent Control In Dundalk, MD


Miche Pest Control provides rodent control services for mice, rats, and voles in Dundalk, MD. We get rid of rodents fast by using a combination of trapping, entry point exclusion, and outside bait stations. 

Included in your first rodent control service from Miche Pest Control:

  • Entry Point Inspection
  • Sealing Rodent Entry Points
  • Trapping Mice & Rats Inside
  • Tamper-Resistant Bait Stations Outside

We use tamper-resistant bait stations combined with products that are registered with the EPA, and labeled for use in and around homes, day cares, and pet kennels. The first service gets rid of any existing rats, mice, or voles, and immediately starts working to keep rodents from coming back after they've been eliminated. A couple months later, once the bait starts to deteriorate or run out and rodent populations start rebounding, mice and rats usually come back - that's why we do six services per year, and more if you need. If you're having issues with rodents in between regular services, just let us know and as needed, we'll go back out in between services at no extra cost.

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Guide To Minimizing Your Exposure To Mosquitoes In Dundalk MD

Mosquitoes are known as the deadliest animal on the planet. They can spread life-threatening diseases with ease! You don’t want to take any risks when dealing with them. 

With that in mind, you’ll want to use these tips to keep mosquitoes off your property:

  • Eliminate stagnant water. Mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay their eggs. Get rid of that and they can’t multiply.
  • Use protective bug spray when outdoors. Cover any exposed skin (excluding the eyes and mouth) with bug spray.
  • Wear light-colored clothing. Darker colors stand out and draw in mosquitoes, but light colors reflect them. This has the added bonus of keeping you cool!
  • Landscape and maintain greenery around your home. Mosquitoes will hide in the shade, waiting for a moment to strike.
  • Install screens on your windows and doors. Staying inside is a foolproof way to avoid mosquitoes as long as they can’t get in too.

Mosquitoes are incredibly difficult to deal with on your own. Don’t leave yourself at risk of a dangerous disease! Ask Miche Pest Control for help instead. We’ll track down the source of your mosquito infestation and get rid of it once and for all. We utilize backpack fogging on your entire yard, including any greenery where mosquitoes may hide. We also treat stagnant water with granules that help prevent mosquitoes from breeding. If you need immediate mosquito treatment for special events, we offer a one-time service option for that too.

If you find yourself swatting mosquitoes away day after day, call Miche Pest Control for help!

Mosquito Control In Dundalk, MD


Miche Pest Control provides mosquito control services in Dundalk, MD. We get rid of mosquitoes fast by combining yard fogging with larvicide applications, using high quality products for lasting protection from mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas outside. 

Included in each mosquito control service from Miche Pest Control:

  • Yard Fogging For Fast Relief From Mosquitoes
  • Larvicide Applications To Keep Them From Coming Back
  • High Quality Products For Lasting Protection, Rain Or Shine

Not only does this cover mosquitoes, but it also works on ticks and fleas outside. We use products that are registered with the EPA, and labeled for use around homes, hospitals, day cares, and pet kennels. The first service gets rid of any existing mosquitoes, and immediately starts working to keep mosquitoes from coming back after they've been eliminated. Three to four weeks later, once the products break down and eggs start hatching, the mosquitoes usually come back - that's why we do eight services per year, and more if you need. If you're having issues with mosquitoes in between regular services, just let us know and as needed, we'll go back out in between services at no extra cost.

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How To Identify Termite Infestations On Your Dundalk MD Property

The word termite strikes fear into the hearts of property owners. These unwanted pests cause expensive damage and are almost impossible to detect before the problem has gotten out of hand. For the most part, these insects stay out of sight and do damage deep within the structure of your home or business. They exist within a caste system, and only once a colony is well established, alates or reproductive termites swarm to search for a place to build a sister colony. If you see reproductives in your home, you should contact a professional immediately as you have a well-developed termite infestation. 

Aside from spotting reproductives, there are some other signs of an infestation that you will find if you take the time to look: 

  • Mud tubes: Termites cannot survive in the light, so they build protective tubes to connect their colony to their nest. These will likely be around the foundation of your home.
  • Frass: Termites will push small piles of waste out of the wood they're eating. It resembles small piles of sawdust.
  • Hollow sounding wood: Termites eat the cellulose in wood and will hollow out beams or other support structures.
  • Drumming or tapping within your walls: If you listen closely, soldier termites will make noise when they detect a threat to their colony.
  • Buckling ceilings or door frames: Termites produce excess moisture causing ceilings or drywall to buckle over time. 

In the end, if you're concerned about a possible termite infestation, it's best to contact a professional. Our experienced and licensed technicians know how to look for a termite infestation. After an inspection, if we verify that you do have an infestation on your hands, we will work with you to come up with a termite control solution that eliminates termites completely. Don't try to tackle termites alone. Reach out to the professionals at Miche today.

Termite Control In Dundalk, MD

Miche Pest Control provides termite control services in Dundalk, MD. We get rid of termites fast by combining termite bait stations with direct treatment of areas with termite damage and live termites, providing fast relief from termite infestations as well as lasting protection from existing and future termite populations. 

Included in your first termite control service from Miche Pest Control:

  • Spot Treatment Of Areas With Termite Damage
  • Spot Treatment Of Areas With Live Termites
  • Installation Of Termite Bait Stations For Lasting Protection

This service plan provides year round protection from subterranean termites. We use products that are registered with the EPA, and labeled for use around homes, hospitals, day cares, and pet kennels. The first service is designed to get rid of an existing termite infestation, and immediately starts working to keep termites from coming back after they've been eliminated. The bait stations are loaded with enough bait to last a year - that's why we do at least one service per year, and more if you need. If you're having issues with termites in between regular services, just let us know and we'll go back out in between services at no extra cost.

Are Cockroaches In Dundalk MD Dangerous?

Cockroaches weasel their way into your home and make themselves comfortable in dark, damp, and secluded places.  These disgusting creatures don't usually bite, but they do carry a plethora of harmful bacteria, parasites, and diseases including Salmonella, E.coli, and others. 

In addition to spreading bacteria throughout your home, coming into direct contact with these creatures, their feces, or their shed skin can cause allergic reactions in humans. 

If you see one cockroach, there are likely more. They prefer to hide in small cracks and crevices throughout their home making them difficult to eliminate. Furthermore, you can do your best to keep your home clean, but roaches will survive off of just about anything including human hair, books, or other decaying matter. Don't let these bugs contaminate your home. Contact the professionals at Miche today!

Home Pest Control In Dundalk MD

House in Dundalk, MD

What sounds better: swatting away pesky mosquitoes or grilling out on your back porch with loved ones? How about covering your nose after squashing a stink bug and ruining your outdoor dinner party? When you’re spending time with your close friends or family, you don’t want to worry about annoying or dangerous pests. You just want to spend time with your family.

At Miche Pest Control, we understand that. We want you to focus on spending time with those you care about. Leave the pest control to us instead!

Our outdoor-focused treatments are designed to avoid indoor contamination which can be hazardous to your home and disruptive to your daily routine. Through power spraying, foundation dusting, and granular barriers, we create an impenetrable wall around your home that protects the inside. We’ll even sweep your eaves to remove spider webs and wasps nests! And if these pests pop up again between treatments, we’ll come right back and get rid of them for you at no additional charge.

Whether you’re dealing with carpenter ants, rodents, ticks, mosquitoes, or termites, we can help you out. Our trained technicians are skilled at identifying the sources of pest infestations and getting rid of them. Since our treatments focus on the exterior of your home, you won’t need to worry about any interruptions to your daily routine. Instead, you can go about your day and let us handle the difficult parts. Call Miche today to handle all your pest control needs.

Get Rid Of Pests With Miche Pest Control

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Click here to see a more complete list of pests that we can get rid of for you.

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Dundalk MD

Dundalk is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Baltimore County, Maryland. In 1960 and 1970, Dundalk was the largest unincorporated community in Maryland. It was named after the town of Dundalk, Ireland. Dundalk is considered one of the first inner-ring suburbs of Baltimore.

Most of Dundalk is flat and very near sea level, with a few small hills close to the city of Baltimore to the west. Dundalk is part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Elevations range from sea level on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay to approximately 40 feet above sea level along the northern reaches of Dundalk Avenue and North Point Boulevard. Bread and Cheese Creek is a tributary of the Back River in Dundalk. The creek is 8.5 miles long, with headwaters in Baltimore City. It flows through Dundalk before emptying into the Back River, which flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

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