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Home Pest Control In Chantilly

In a suburban area like Chantilly, pests are an unpleasant fact of life for people and their pets. Ants, rodents, termites, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, and many other pests have everything they need to thrive in our environment, and these pests always seem to eventually find their way into our Virginia homes.

While some pests might be nothing more than a nuisance, others are capable of damaging the structural integrity of your Chantilly home, or transmitting serious illnesses to you and your family. No matter what type of pests invade your house, the fact remains that you need the protection of a pest control plan.

Fortunately, Miche Pest Control provides everything from general pest services to pest-specific treatments. For home pest control treatments and quality customer service that you won’t find anywhere else, turn to Miche Pest Control.

Common Rodents Found In Chantilly, Virginia

Rodents are among the most common home-invading pests in Chantilly, Virginia. Without a pest control plan protecting your property, rodents have the opportunity to gnaw on your wires and contaminate your food items. Chantilly is home to several species of rodents including squirrels, house mice, deer mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. It’s important to remember that rodent infestations are more than a simple nuisance, they’re dangerous. Rodents will bite or scratch if they feel threatened or cornered.

Additionally, rodents like mice and rats introduce health risks by carrying disease-causing bacteria, pathogens, and parasites into homes. The certified pest control professionals here at Miche Pest Control have been dealing with rodents and many other common pests for several decades. We have what it takes to remove existing pest issues from your Chantilly home and prevent future pest infestations. In order to acquire the professional rodent control services you can trust, partner with Miche Pest Control.

How To Protect Your Home From Termites In Chantilly, VA

Termites are one of the most destructive insects found in our area. Despite their small size and non-threatening appearance, termites are feared by many homeowners throughout the United States. While most termite colonies consist of about 60,000 to 400,000 termites, some reach numbers in the millions. It’s always a good idea to think about ways you can avoid the damage these tiny pests create. Keep wood-damaging termites away from your Chantilly property by utilizing these termite prevention tips:

  • Reduce moisture around your home by installing dehumidifiers.

  • Seal gaps in your foundation and exterior walls.

  • Remove logs, stumps, and other wooden materials from your property.

  • Cut foliage and thick brush away from the sides of your house.

  • Replace water damaged wood.

  • Contact professional termite control.

Miche Pest Control provides top-of-the-line termite control treatments to keep Chantilly homes protected year-round. Partner with us for the home protection you need.

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Bed Bugs In Chantilly, VA

Bed bugs are small, flat insects that must feed on blood to survive. While bed bugs can bite animals, they prefer the blood of people. These reddish-brown pests are comparable to the shape and size of an apple seed and cause many issues for Chantilly homeowners. It’s important to understand more about bed bugs if you want to avoid an infestation.

1. You are most likely to pick up bed bugs in public areas, such as movie theatres, airports, public transportation, libraries, schools, and daycares.

2. Bed bugs don’t hop or fly. Instead, they hitchhike from place to place by climbing onto furniture, clothing, bags, and other belongings.

3. Severe infestations can lead to restless nights, stress, and anemia, which is a condition where there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to circulate through the body.

If bed bugs are causing you to lose sleep, consider turning to Miche for your bed bug control needs. We offer several high-quality products and services designed to eliminate bed bugs, no matter the size of your infestation. To schedule an inspection, or ask about all of our other pest control options, reach out to us today!


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