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Top Rated, Family Owned & Operated Exterminator Serving Brooklyn MD

Miche Pest Control is the top rated, family owned and operated pest control company serving Brooklyn MD. A family owned and operated pest control company, Miche Pest Control was started in 2019 by Tom Miche, after he had worked for years as a pest control technician and service manager. His wife, Miquela Miche, with a degree in business management, oversees the administrative side of the business.

Since its formation in 2019, Miche Pest Control has become the top rated family owned and operated pest control company serving Brooklyn MD by providing high quality pest control, rodent control, tick & mosquito control, and termite control services. Miche Pest Control has earned a 4.9 star rating with over 1,000 reviews. 

With service times available as soon as the next business day, you can count on Miche Pest Control. Give us a call - get your free quote on the best pest control in Brooklyn MD, and we'll add a free upgrade to include termite monitoring services when you enroll in one of our quarterly pest control plans. Call today or book online!

Effective Pest Management In Brooklyn, MD

Brooklyn, MD is the southernmost community in the city, and many often refer to it as a microcosm of Baltimore. Our neighborhood is full of little gems and, with a population of almost 13,000 people, it continues to grow with each passing year. However, pests are also part of that growth, and these intruders are not a welcome sight around town. If you want to protect your Brooklyn home or business from the dangers of pest infestation, look no further than the pros at Miche Pest Control.

We are a family-owned and operated company with a steadfast commitment to superb customer service. Our team is proud to service homes and businesses across the greater Baltimore metro area, as well as surrounding communities throughout the mid-Atlantic region. We gear our full-service pest control solutions to meet your specific needs, schedule, and budget. From general pest control to specialty services, we cover it all.

Reach out to us today for Baltimore City County pest control you can count on. When you give us a call, we’ll provide you with your free estimate and then set up your complimentary inspection as soon as possible.

Residential Pest Control In Brooklyn, MD

The best way to guard your Brooklyn home against household infestation is to reach out to your local pest pros. Here at Miche Pest Control, we are local pest experts that are committed to eliminating all pest activity from your home while providing unparalleled customer service.

We offer a wide variety of residential service plans, including quarterly pest control, organic pest control, bi-monthly rodent baiting, cockroach control services, and stink bug elimination. With our pest-free guarantee, you can feel good knowing you’ll get lasting results that you can rely on all year.

Commercial Pest Control In Brooklyn, MD

Pest activity in a business setting can cause many large-scale problems. For the best commercial pest control services in all of Northern Virginia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., look no further than the team at Miche Pest Control.

Whether you’re looking for continued coverage or a one-time pest treatment, we will work with you to come up with the best approach to target your infestation. We offer a long list of exterior and interior commercial services that range from foundation power spraying to cobweb and nest removal. Protect your business and reputation, and contact us today to discuss your commercial pest control needs.

Everything You Need To Know For Total Rodent Control In Your Brooklyn Home

Rodents can squeeze into small cracks around your home, exposing you and your loved ones to potential infestation. When protecting yourself from rodent infestation, the best approach is to be as proactive as possible in your prevention efforts.

Here are some tips to help you achieve total rodent control in your Brooklyn home:

  • Block off any entry points around your property.
  • Eliminate easy access to food by storing all food in gnaw-proof containers.
  • Fix leaky pipes and faulty faucets.
  • Keep woodpiles stored away from the perimeter of the structure.
  • Maintain cleanliness and eliminate clutter in the living space.
  • Maintain well-trimmed vegetation and landscaping.
  • Reduce excess moisture and sources of water.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices, even the tiniest of them.

While these tips can help, the only 100% reliable way to protect your property from rodent activity is to secure professional pest control services. Contact the team at Miche Pest Control for comprehensive rodent control solutions that local homeowners can feel good about. Give us a call today to discuss your rodent control needs.

Answering Brooklyn's Most Commonly Asked Spider Questions

When it comes to spider infestation, we get a lot of questions about what these creepy crawlers are capable of. It can be scary to face an infestation of spiders, which is why educating yourself on these invaders is a good idea. Here are some of our answers to Brooklyn’s most commonly asked spider questions:

What do spiders feed on?

Spiders prey on insects, so they’re found in areas where you’d usually find other nuisance pests, such as crickets, grasshoppers, ants, flies, and earwigs.

Where are spiders usually found?

You can find them in moisture-rich areas where bugs hang out like the ground in wooded areas and under piles of debris. They prefer dark, quiet, hidden spaces that are hard to access, such as garages, attics, sheds, eaves, storage spaces, closets, and cabinets.

Are spiders dangerous?

Even though most spiders aren’t a real danger to you, you should still do everything in your power to keep them out of your space. Some species, like the black widow and the brown recluse, are venomous and can cause more serious reactions.

How can I prevent spiders?

When it comes to spider prevention, a good place to start is keeping other pests out of the home. Eliminate spider attractants around your property, and remain diligent about cleanliness, sanitation, and moisture issues on your property.

For comprehensive spider control and prevention services, look no further than the pros at Miche Pest Control. We work hard to bring you complete protection from spider infestation and the perils that come with it. Give us a call today to set up your initial inspection.

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