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Rat Control in Arlington VA

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Four Things Every Arlington Resident Should Know About Rats

With rats being the perennial issue for Arlington homes that they are, there are certain things that every homeowner ought to know. The four most important things to know about rats are:

  1. They carry other pests. Rats are commonly hosts to parasitic pests like fleas, ticks, and mites, so having a rat problem can easily lead to a secondary infestation. 
  2. Property damage is almost unavoidable. Rats, like other rodents, have front incisor teeth that will grow out of control if they are left unattended to. This is why rats will often chew on things like walls, electrical wiring, and furniture. 
  3. They can climb, and they can climb well. Many homeowners are surprised to find that rats are capable of climbing, which is something they do regularly to gain access to homes. 
  4. Health risks are a common problem. Through their feces, urine, and saliva, rats are capable of spreading the pathogens that lead to tularemia, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. 

At Miche Pest Control, we specialize in providing reliable rat control. An integral part of the first service for each new customer is a thorough inspection, to assess the extent of the infestation and to make the proper recommendations, so that we can get rid of the rats quickly, and prevent them from coming back. Some of the methods included in our rat control services are trapping, sealing up minor entry points and installing tamper-proof bait stations. Our thorough approach is designed to get rid of rats fast, as well as keep them from returning. For more information, contact us today.

Can Rats In Arlington Carry Dangerous Diseases?

Rats often sneak into Arlington properties in order to gain access to the three things they need the most: warm shelter, food, and water. In their quest to find these things, which residents often give them in plentiful amounts without even knowing it, rats can easily spread very harmful pathogens. Through their urine, saliva, and fecal matter, rats are linked with the spread of hantavirus, salmonella, tularemia, and leptospirosis. These same byproducts can also spread throughout the air, irritating allergies and asthma attacks. Because rats don’t always fear humans, they are known to sometimes attack, which can lead to rat-bite fever.

At Miche Pest Control, we recognize how dangerous these pests can be, which is why we provide property owners with effective rat control. Our methods and protocols have been designed to keep rats away no matter the time of year. We perform thorough property inspections to look for conducive conditions, potential points of entry, and rat activity. From there, we install tamper-resistant bait stations and exclusion materials. All of our rat control services are also backed by a pest-free guarantee. For more information on preventing rat problems, contact us today.

Tips To Avoid Rat Infestations In Arlington

Rats are a prevalent problem on Arlington properties, but they don’t have to be. In order to avoid an infestation, try the following tips:

  • Trim back any overhanging trees and shrubs that could be used to gain access to a property. 
  • Seal up all openings that are at least the size of a dime using silicone-based caulk, wire mesh, steel wool, and sheet metal. 
  • Store food in airtight containers and avoid leaving anything that’s overly ripe on the counter. 
  • Tidy up spills thoroughly, take out the trash often, and reduce food residue by cleaning on a routine basis. 
  • Remove all clutter that consists of boxes, packing materials, and old newspapers. 
  • Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well ventilated. 
  • Contact a local pest control expert for reliable rat control. 

Preventing rat infestations can be difficult, especially since they can sneak in through the sewer and climb along roofs. At Miche Pest Control, we appreciate the nature of these problems, which is why we provide Arlington property owners with reliable rat control. Our methods consist of meticulous inspections, sealing up entry points, and utilizing tamper-proof bait stations, all of which we guarantee. For more information on these services, contact us today.

Why Professional Rat Control Is Necessary For Your Arlington Business

When it comes to protecting your Arlington business from the issues that rats bring, professional rat control is one of the best investments that you can make. These pests are often dangerous, with the ability to spread pathogens that cause hantavirus and salmonellosis, carry other pests like fleas and ticks, and can cause property damage like house fires. DIY methods exist; however, they are often costly and ineffective.

At Miche Pest Control, our expert technicians use professional products and thorough services in order to keep rats out of your business no matter the time of year. From our detailed inspections to sealing up entry points with exclusionary methods and installing tamper-resistant bait stations, our rat control is focused on finding long-term solutions. We monitor our customers' properties closely, so if any rats return, we’ll re-treat your property until they no longer do. For more information on the benefits of rat control, contact us today.

Arlington, VA

Arlington County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, often referred to simply as Arlington, Virginia. The county is situated in Northern Virginia on the southwestern bank of the Potomac River directly across from the District of Columbia, of which it was once a part, under the name Alexandria County. The county is coterminous with the U.S. Census Bureau's census-designated place of Arlington. Arlington is considered to be the second-largest "principal city" of the Washington metropolitan area. If it were incorporated as a city, Arlington would be the fourth most-populous city in the state.

With a land area of 26 square miles, Arlington is the geographically smallest self-governing county in the US, and by reason of state law regarding population density, it has no incorporated towns within its borders. Arlington is home to the Pentagon, Reagan National Airport, and Arlington National Cemetery. In academia, the county contains Marymount University, George Mason University's Antonin Scalia Law School, the administrative offices buildings and graduate programs for the Schar School of Policy and Government and the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, as well as satellite campuses of the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech.

The area that now constitutes Arlington County was originally part of Fairfax County in the Colony of Virginia. Land grants from the British monarch were awarded to prominent Englishmen in exchange for political favors and efforts at development. One of the grantees was Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, who lends his name to both Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax. The county's name "Arlington" comes via Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington, a Plantation along the Potomac River, and Arlington House, the family residence on that property. George Washington Parke Custis, the grandson of First Lady Martha Washington, acquired this land in 1802. The estate was eventually passed down to Mary Anna Custis Lee, wife of General Robert E. Lee. The property later became Arlington National Cemetery during the American Civil War, and eventually lent its name to present-day Arlington County.

Nearby Cities:

Washington DC (3 miles), Falls Church VA (4 miles), Alexandria VA (6 miles), Bethesda MD (7 miles), Silver Spring MD (8 miles), Springfield VA (8 miles), Hyattsville MD (9 miles), Fairfax VA (12 miles), Rockville MD (14 miles), Herndon VA (17 miles), Woodbridge VA (18 miles), Bowie MD (19 miles), Gaithersburg MD (19 miles), Upper Marlboro MD (19 miles), Laurel MD (20 miles), Manassas VA (23 miles), Ashburn VA (24 miles), Columbia MD (25 miles), Leesburg VA (30 miles), Ellicott City MD (31), Annapolis MD (33 miles), Baltimore MD (38 miles), Frederick MD (41 miles), Fredericksburg VA (45 miles)

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