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What makes a place great? Fantastic schools for the kids and a great family environment? How about a diverse populace, affordable housing, or an active nightlife? Living in Germantown, we have all of these perks. With such an idyllic place to live, who wants to worry about Pests? Our experts at Miche Pest Control are dedicated to protecting your home or business from unwanted pests. Miche Pest Control is a family-owned and operated business that cares deeply about customer service and working with you to ensure that your pest problems become a thing of the past. 

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Home Pest Control In Germantown, MD

At Miche Pest Control, we pride ourselves on covering multiple kinds of pests that terrorize Germantown property owners. Both our regular service plans and one-time treatment options cover fleas, ants, spiders, moths, beetles, stinging insects, and occasional invaders. Our non-invasive treatments will not disrupt your daily routine, and our treatment methods are designed to disrupt pest life cycles and prevent indoor infestations. 
We supply professional, ongoing pest control plans that will help protect your home year-round by targeting your specific pest control needs. 

  • Our general pest control plan is designed to fit your unique needs. Depending on the extent of your problem, we will come up with a treatment plan that solves your specific needs. 

  • If you're looking for regular pest control services, we offer quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly service visits. 

  • If you have a problem that requires a one-time visit, we offer services for single treatments as well. 

Our ongoing pest control plans all come with a pest-free guarantee meaning that if you experience a problem with a targeted pest in between services, we will come immediately and retreat your property at no extra charge. 
We also specialize in dealing with carpenter ants and offer a one-time service option with a 30-day guarantee. After we locate the ants and provide treatment, we’ll lay out bait to destroy the whole colony. If we don’t get rid of carpenter ants during our first visit, we’ll come back and try again at no additional charge.

Do You Know How To Spot A Bed Bugs Infestation In Germantown, MD?

Nobody wants bed bugs, especially not Germantown residents. We guarantee that our professional technicians will eradicate any bed bug infestations in your home. But how do you know if you have a bed bug infestation? Look for these telltale signs:

  • The bugs themselves -- If you check around mattresses, nightstands, and other areas where bed bugs frequently feed, you may spot them crawling around. These tiny insects are nocturnal, so its best to check for their presence at night when they're more likely to come out of hiding in search of food. 

  • Eggs or nymphs -- Eggs are tiny, white/translucent, and sticky. The nymphs look very similar, but they are more likely to be translucent which makes them particularly difficult to spot.

  • Droppings -- These are dark brown or black and may resemble pepper.

  • Bloodstains -- These primarily occur on sheets, blankets, and other linens. Of course, to notice these stains, you need to have lightly colored sheets.

  • Bites --Typically, these are arranged in a zig-zag pattern or a straight line. Bites are tiny, red around the edges, and clear in the center.

If you spot any of these signs, you likely have a problem with bed bugs. Fortunately, Miche Pest Control will help you deal with this problem discreetly and quickly.  If you're worried about a potential problem, contact Miche Pest Control for a free bed bug inspection.

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Germantown, MD?

Seeing a cockroach scurry across your kitchen counter is disgusting, but these pests are far more than a sore sight for your eyes. Cockroaches can spread tons of dangerous, deadly diseases and trigger allergic reactions. Diseases they spread include Salmonellosis, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and cholera. They can trigger allergic reactions through contact, droppings, shed skins, and their dead bodies.
Roaches are difficult to deal with. They hide in damp, dark spaces such as in pipes, basements, corners of cabinets, and other hard to detect locations. They also reproduce quickly and are potential bio-hazards. If you're concerned about a roach infestation, contact Miche Pest Control to do the dirty work. You won’t need to stomp a single roach. We use powder injections, undetectable liquid sprays, gel baits, and growth regulators to take down adult and nymph cockroaches to eliminate the cockroach population. All you have to do is call us – we’ll handle the rest.

Tips To Minimize Mosquitoes In Germantown, MD

While mosquitoes are annoying, they’re actually more dangerous than you may think. They’re known as carriers of many lethal diseases, and all it takes is a single mosquito to pass these diseases onto you or your loved ones. With that in mind, use these prevention tips to protect yourself from this dangerous pest.:

  • Eliminate standing or stagnant water. Still water attracts mosquitoes and brings them closer to your property. Sometimes areas of stagnant water can be difficult to detect. Hollow stumps and logs, tire swings, outdoor pet dishes, kids pools, and birdbaths are severe offenders. 

  • Maintain your lawn and shrubbery. Mosquitoes like to dwell in the shade. Cut back branches and bushes, trim grass, and block wooded areas if possible. 

  • Plant herbs and other plants that repel mosquitoes such as marigolds, catnip, ageratum, or horsemint. 

Most importantly, contact our experts at Miche Pest Control for help. We will discuss the solutions that you need to take back your backyard. We offer both monthly and one-time treatment options to keep mosquitoes at bay. Specifically, we use backpack fogging to treat areas where mosquitoes commonly dwell. We also offer a growth regulator treatment to prevent immature mosquitoes from growing into biting adults. 
If mosquitoes are becoming an overwhelming problem, professional pest control is your safest option. DIY solutions can’t guarantee successful elimination, but we can.


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