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Miche Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest control company that provides residential and commercial pest control services for spiders, including orb weavers, in Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia. Our expert spider exterminators get rid of orb weaver spider infestations fast, and use preventative methods to keep orb weaver spiders from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - click the button below to get started, or give us a call today!

Orb Weaver Spiders: The Ultimate Guide

Orb weaver spiders are a type of spider that belongs to the family Araneidae. They are known for their intricate, circular webs, which they use to catch their prey. These spiders are found all over the world and are a common sight in gardens and forests. In this guide, we will delve into the world of orb weaver spiders, including their physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and more.

Physical Characteristics

Orb weaver spiders are medium to large in size, with some species reaching up to 5 cm in length. They have a round, spiky abdomen and long, slender legs. The legs are usually covered in hairs and spines, which help the spider move quickly and easily through its web.

Orb weaver spiders come in a variety of colors, including brown, black, and orange. Some species have distinctive markings on their abdomen, such as stripes or spots.


Orb weaver spiders are nocturnal creatures and are most active at night. During the day, they can often be found resting in the center of their web or in a nearby hiding place.

At night, the spider spins its web in a circular shape, using sticky silk to catch insects and other small prey. The spider will sit in the center of the web, waiting for prey to get caught in the sticky silk. When it detects movement in the web, the spider will quickly move to capture and wrap its prey in more silk.

Orb weaver spiders are solitary creatures and do not form social groups. They do not have a mating season and can breed year-round. After mating, the female spider will lay her eggs in a silk sac and then leave the sac to hatch on its own.


Orb weaver spiders can be found in a variety of habitats, including forests, gardens, fields, and even urban areas. They prefer to build their webs in open, sunny areas, such as on the edges of forests or in gardens.

In the wild, orb weaver spiders can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They are a common sight in many parts of the world and are often considered beneficial because they help to control the population of insects.


Orb weaver spiders are a fascinating and important part of the natural world. They are known for their intricate webs and their ability to catch and consume a variety of insects. Although they can be intimidating to some people, orb weaver spiders are generally harmless to humans and can even be beneficial to have around. If you spot an orb weaver spider in your garden or elsewhere, take a moment to appreciate these incredible creatures and the role they play in the ecosystem.

Orb Weaver Spiders In DC, MD & VA

Orb weaver spiders live throughout our region. The orb weaver is a type of spider we regularly find residing in and around our homes. Use this pest guide to learn more about these spiders and how to prevent them from moving out of your yard and into your home!

What are orb weaver spiders?

The orb weaver spider didn't get its name from its looks but rather the appearance of its web. These spiders are the species responsible for creating the neat, circular webs that most people picture when thinking of a spider web.

These spiders have a sizable abdomen and come in various colors. They are the third largest group of spiders living worldwide; in the United States alone, there are more than 180 species. 

Are orb weaver spiders dangerous?

Lacking the potent venom that dangerous spiders have, orb weaver spiders aren't dangerous to people. However, they do have the ability to deliver uncomfortable bites if they feel threatened.

Though orb weaver spiders aren't pests we should fear, neither are they critters we should ignore. We shouldn't have to share our spaces with orb weaver spiders, their large webs, or their insect prey!

Why do I have an orb weaver spider problem?

Orb weaver spiders can develop large, difficult-to-manage populations wherever there are large numbers of insects and other spiders that provide them with reliable food sources. Discovering an influx of orb weaver spiders means that your home or property is also home to large numbers of insects. To alleviate spider problems, you must also attack what attracts them; garden pests and common household pests.

Where will I find orb weaver spiders?

These spiders are common backyard pest. Your gardens is where you are most likely to come into contact with orb weaver spiders. Gardens provide these spiders with plenty of places to build their large webs and capture prey. Some other places in our yards that orb weaver spiders live and hunt include woodpiles, spaces under decks and roofs, and within play structures.

Though orb weaver spiders prefer to live outdoors, it isn't unheard of to find them inside our homes and other structures. Usually, these spiders wind up inside houses, garages, and sheds after following their insect prey indoors.

How do I get rid of orb weaver spiders?

Have orb weaver spiders taken over your gardens or yard or moved into your home? If you are tired of running into orb weaver spiders or their large webs, Miche Pest Control is here to help.

We offer the spider control services necessary to control populations of orb weaver spiders and remove these unwanted guests from your Washington DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia homes. We perform pest control services that are modern, effective, and provide peace of mind. By partnering with us, you will know that your property's pest problems are solved and won't return!

For more information about our residential or commercial pest control options In DC, MD & VA, call Miche Pest Control today!

How can I prevent orb weaver spiders in the future?

In conjunction with our professional pest control services, use the following tips to prevent large numbers of orb weaver spiders from taking over your property.

  • Place garden areas a distance away from the outside of your home. 
  • Keep shrubbery, and other plants cut back from your home's exterior.
  • Remove webs you find outside and inside your home.
  • Seal entry points by caulking cracks in the foundation and spaces around windows and doors.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water that provide a water source for spiders and their insect prey.
  • Inspect potted plants that have been outside for orb weaver spiders before bringing them inside. 

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