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What To Do About A Cricket Problem Around Your Home

May 14, 2023 - Crickets

Author - Tom Miche

cricket on a rock

Crickets are annoying little creatures that can keep you awake at all hours of the night. They usually stay outdoors, but their loud chirping can bother you no matter where they are located near your home. If you have been struggling with a cricket problem around your home, Miche Pest Control has the perfect solution. Our innovative pest control solutions can help you get rid of the crickets around your home and prevent them from ever coming back. 

How And Why Crickets Chirp

The house cricket is the most common species people find inside their homes. This type of cricket is usually between 3?4 of an inch and ? of an inch long. They usually have yellow or tan-colored bodies, large hind legs, two pairs of wings, and two antennae that are typically longer than their bodies. 

When it comes to a cricket's chirping, different species have different chirping sounds. However, no matter what cricket species it is, only the male crickets will chirp.

The male cricket will rub its front wings together in order to make a high-pitched sound. Some of the reasons why a male cricket makes the chirping sounds include:

  • Attract female: The male cricket will use its chirping sound as a type of mating call in hopes of attracting a nearby female cricket.

  • Repel other male cricket: The loud chirping noises you hear at night are usually the male crickets alerting other males to stay away. The high-pitched chirps are used to fend off any nearby males.

  • Bond strengthening: After a male finds a mate, it will let out a loud and short song meant to encourage the female to stay and lay eggs with him rather than leave and find a new mate. 

While all of the chirping noises may sound the same to human ears, they are actually delivered in various pitches. Each pitch has its own meaning and is used as a way for crickets to interact with each other. 

The Problems Crickets Can Create In Your House

If you have a lot of male crickets around your home, the loud chirping can become severely annoying after a while. However, these noisy bugs are not just a nuisance; they can also be destructive if they come into your home. 

Crickets have a very diverse diet. They like to eat other bugs, fruits, and vegetables. They are also known to eat different types of fabric materials as well. If they are able to come into your home, they might nibble on your clothing, carpet, bedding, and other fabric, leaving behind tiny holes. 

Contact The Pros To Get Rid Of Crickets Fast!

Crickets can reproduce at an incredibly fast rate. The female cricket can start laying eggs when she is about a week old. On average, she will lay between 50 to 100 eggs every couple of days. This means that if you have crickets on your property, within just a few weeks, you could have several hundred more. To stop a cricket infestation in your home, you should act as quickly as possible and call a professional at the first sight of crickets. 

How To Prevent Future Cricket Problems

Crickets prefer to live in warm and wet areas. One way to deter crickets from coming to your property is to keep your yard and home as dry as possible. Make sure that you don't have any leaky pipes or faucets around your house.

If you are still struggling with a cricket problem,  give us a call today. At Miche Pest Control, we can help keep your home quiet by getting rid of all of the crickets around your home. 

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