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The Most Effective Termite Control Solution For Homeowners

December 05, 2022 - Termites

Termites are some of the most damaging pests that can invade a home. Billions of dollars are spent each year repairing termite-related damage, and home buyers are very cautious about a home’s termite history when considering a purchase. The thought of a termite infestation can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners, and actual termite infestations can signal the beginning of a long, expensive process to not only get rid of the termites, but to repair the damage they cause.

Worried about termites in your home? Worry no more! Miche Pest Control specializes in termite control, and we are ready and willing to bring our considerable expertise to your home. Let us be your pest control experts.

The Types Of Termites That Infest Homes 

There are several types of termites that homeowners can face, including:

  • Subterranean termites: These termites live underground, and will access your home by building mud tubes or tunnels. Subterranean termites are native to the United States.
  • Formosan termites: Sometimes known as "super termites," they are considered the most damaging termite species, causing billions of dollars of damage each year.
  • Drywood termites: These termites can be found in dry wood. Because they live in the wood they eat, they do not build mud tubes.
  • Dampwood termites: These termites prefer to dine on damp, moist wood.

Termites not only come in several different varieties, but have varying habits. Termite identification for infesting termites is key to establishing the best treatments for them. For instance, drywood termites require specific drywood termite treatment and not generic pest control treatments. 

Miche Pest Control knows all about the kinds of termites and the kinds of treatments, and we stand ready to assist you in containing termite infestations. Contact us today to stop termites in their tracks.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Silently Create To Your Home 

Termites pose a risk of property damage in more than one way. While they directly damage structures by eating structural wood, they also pose the risk of considerable secondary damage. Termite-related damage can allow structures to warp and shift, introducing new damage on top of damage termites have already caused. Worse, termite-related damage might allow water into support structures, causing water-related damage in addition to termite damage. That is one of the reasons why the average termite-related damage repair costs $3,000, with more than half of the damage repairs exceeding even that number.

Don’t risk expensive termite repairs! Getting routine, professional termite inspections and preventive treatments is your best bet for avoiding expensive repairs later. Miche Pest Control has performed thousands of termite inspections, and our termite prevention treatments are second to none. Contact us today to see how we can help you avoid termite trouble.

Effective Quality Prevention Is Key To Successful Termite Control 

Termite treatments can be effective in reducing your home termite risks, but they can only be effective if utilized with an understanding of the problem. Inappropriate treatments do not guarantee termite protection, and leave the door open for further infestation and home damage. It is critical to match the treatments with the termites. Further, short-term treatments don’t offer long-term protection, potentially leaving you with a false sense of security. 

Do not take a chance with your home. Call Miche Pest Control today, so that we can help you in your fight to keep termites at bay.

Professional Termite Control Offers Lasting Protection For Homes 

With all the different types of termites and the fact that all termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home, your best solution for continuing termite protection is to secure the help of professional pest control services. Miche Pest Control is the best termite company near you, fully able to identify and treat all types of termites. We look forward to teaming up with you, to prevent the thought of termites in your home from becoming the reality of termites in your home. 

Call Miche Pest Control today to stop termites from entering and damaging your home!

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