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How To Get Mice Out Of The Walls Of Your Home In Fairfax VA

September 01, 2021 - Mice

Why Are Mice Attracted To The Insides Of Walls?

Mice are drawn to homes in Fairfax VA for shelter, warmth, and food, and because of their small size, tend to find themselves inside hard-to-reach places, such as walls and crawl spaces. Walls contain insulation, which provides a warm, comfortable place for rodents to hide and nest in. If you’re hearing scratching and scurrying sounds coming from within your walls, it is possible that a mouse has found its way inside.

Now, How Do I Get The Mice out?

Mouse Traps

The most efficient way to draw mice out from inside of your walls is going to be by placing traps near food sources or near entry points to the wall. Traps should be placed along the bottom edges of any walls in question and close to any cracks, gaps, or holes that may be providing them with an entryway. If after a few days you still have not been successful in luring out the mice, try moving the traps around to other locations around the wall.

Call A Professional Mouse Exterminator

Mice can be tricky to capture and can quickly multiply, especially if they’re already inside the walls of your home, so the fastest way to get them out is to call a professional exterminator. Using a combination of traps, bait stations, and entry point sealing, our highly-trained technicians at Miche Pest Control will do everything in their power to eradicate your rodent problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How Do I Keep Them From Coming Back?

Seal Entry Points

The most effective way to ensure that mice do not re-renter your home is to seal up any potential entry points. This includes any cracks, gaps, or holes behind appliances, along the bottom edges of your walls, and along the exterior of your home. Mice are great at gnawing and chewing, so if you're trying to do it yourself instead of calling a mouse exterminator in Fairfax VA, you’ll want to opt for wire mesh or stainless-steel fibers instead of expanding foam for sealing any entry points. 

Bait Stations

Placing bait stations around the exterior perimeter of your home is a great way to keep mice and rats away and to prevent them from coming inside. Bait stations contain a poison that, once consumed, will kill rodents within a week or two. Miche Pest Control's bait stations are tamper-resistant, designed to keep pets and kids out of harm's way, and we specifically choose the most effective rodenticides possible, with minimal environmental impact.

Keep a Clean Yard

A yard that is free from garbage, overgrown shrubbery, thick mulch, and piles of wood is a yard that mice will not find very welcoming. Mice and rats are attracted to any places that allow them to hide from predators, so keeping a clean yard will help to keep rodents away.

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