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Homeowners' Useful Guide To Carpenter Bee Control

March 26, 2023 - Carpenter Bees

Don't rush to blame termites when you find holes throughout the wood on your property. Carpenter bees could be the culprit. Though some may resemble honey bees, these pests are known for being incredibly destructive.

Please read on to learn why it's so dangerous to have carpenter bees around your house, and remember to call Miche Pest Control to send pests packing.

How To Identify A Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees are roughly an inch long. There are a few types of carpenter bees in the United States, though one of the most common looks like a carpenter bee. The key visual difference is their abdomens; they're black, shiny, and lack fuzz. Their behavior easily identifies them; they're solitary, anti-social creatures. You'll rarely find them in large groups (outside of mates and offspring, of course).

Carpenter bees don't live in traditional bee hives, either. Instead, they bore holes in wood to create nests, drilling tunnels where they can safely lay eggs. So while they don't produce honey, they play an essential role as a pollinator. 

When carpenter bees nest on your property, there's no end to the damage they can cause. Call us at Miche Pest Control as soon as possible to start the process of removing these pests and reclaim your property.

The Problems A Carpenter Bee Infestation Can Create

Carpenter bees are dangerous to have on your property because they can weaken or even destroy wooden structures through their drilling. Hollowed-out boards could break when weight is applied. Individually this may be a nuisance, but when that beam supports a more significant structure, it becomes a safety issue. 

The Miche Pest Control team offers comprehensive pest control for carpenter bees. We will treat confirmed nesting areas and apply additional solutions to stop them from returning. Our goal is to solve your present pest problems and prevent future ones.

Factors That Attract Carpenter Bees To Your Property

Usually, carpenter bees will nest inside trees. So what makes them turn an eye towards the wood around your home? Here are just some of the factors:

  • Nests left behind by other carpenter bees: By ignoring the damage, you're rolling out the welcome mat for future bees to move in. They'll occupy that space and expand on it by drilling even more. Once you've ousted carpenter bees, act fast to repair or remove the damage they caused to reduce the risk of future "tenants" moving in.
  • A yard that's brimming with flowers: Carpenter bees snack on pollen and nectar, so the more flowers you have in your yard, the more appealing it becomes as a potential living space. Tame your lawn and garden to keep bees in check.
  • Untreated and unpainted wood: Carpenter bees prefer softer wood. Layers of paint and other wood treatment may act as a deterrent. This includes wood ends. 

Being proactive with maintenance around your property is the best way to defend yourself against carpenter bees. We'll show you how! When our Miche Pest Control technicians work with you, they'll share their knowledge and experience about protecting your home from pests. That way, you'll be better equipped to prevent future infestations.

The Best Thing To Do About Carpenter Bees On Your Property

Carpenter bees are a threat to any wooden structure in your home. If you want to know how to get rid of carpenter bees on your property, the answer is simple: call on Miche Pest Control.

We work fast to reclaim your home from all manner of pests with safe solutions and top-notch customer service. We take the trust you put in us seriously and won't stop until we've finished the job, guaranteed. Talk to us today to schedule your inspection, and we'll eliminate carpenter bees for good.

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