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Handling A Lady Beetle Infestation On Your Property

February 26, 2023 - Ladybugs

Author - Tom Miche

lady bug on ground

The ladybug, or lady beetle, has always been associated with love, positivity, and prosperity in popular culture. Seeing a ladybug typically brightens anyone's day. However, one disheartening trait that folklore conveniently leaves out is its damaging nature, especially in large groups.

Miche Pest Control offers the most effective pest control to regulate lady beetle populations on your property to prevent them from causing problems. Read on to learn more about these fascinating, brightly-colored creatures and the surprising ways they can cause homeowners issues.

What Are Lady Beetles?

Lady beetles, also commonly referred to as ladybugs, are one of the most highly recognizable insects with their bright red coloring speckled with black polka dots. These little creatures symbolize good luck for many people, especially if they land on you. You can compare their body shape to a half sphere or an oval dome sitting atop short legs with antennae. Although many find their overall appearance adorable, their attractive coloration with distinctive spotted markings are designed to dissuade potential predators. These insects can also secrete a foul-tasting fluid from the joints in their legs.

Ladybugs Can Be More Problematic Than You May Think

As cute as you think these beetles are, ladybugs can create issues if they get inside your home. They can release a fluid that gives off an unpleasant odor as a defense mechanism. This substance can leave large, yellow stains on your fabrics that are difficult to remove. In large numbers, their secretions can also stain light-colored surfaces like walls, rugs, and upholstery. Those with severe allergies could experience an uptick in their symptoms and develop skin irritations or hay fever. Although ladybugs rarely bite, they can if provoked or threatened. However, their bites never penetrate the skin or cause serious reactions. Call Miche Pest Control if you're dealing with a ladybug problem.

Factors That Attract Ladybugs To Your Property

If you're noticing more ladybugs than usual, it could be due to several factors. Often, you'll see an uptick in ladybug activity when they're seeking a warm shelter once the temperatures drop. So, if you don't want to attract ladybugs to your property and prevent them from gaining entry into your home, review the simple steps to take below: 

  • Turn off driveway and porch lights at night.

  • Avoid planting herbs in your garden that attract them, such as scented geraniums, cilantro, yarrow, or tansy.

  • Drain standing or stagnant water and dry up other areas with excess moisture.

  • Remove excessive ground cover or other possible shelters.

  • Seal up any holes, gaps, and cracks in your home's exterior.

For assistance with eliminating all types of ladybugs from your property, contact a qualified pest management company to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

Call The Pros To Eliminate A Lady Beetle Infestation On Your Property

Although ladybugs don't pose a physical threat to the health and safety of you and your family, in large numbers, these beetles can create a whole host of problems on your property. To make their populations manageable, you must partner with professionals for effective ladybug pest control. Experienced service technicians have the proper training, background, and skills to eliminate lady beetles quickly before they cause any damage.

Since 2019, Miche Pest Control has delivered fast and reliable pest management solutions that keep our homes and businesses free of pest problems long-term. Our highly trained team understands the upheaval and inconvenient disruption that dealing with a pest infestation can take on your entire family. That's why we work efficiently to restore your comfortable living spaces to the level you expect. Let us get started on your estimate. Contact us today!

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