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What You Ought To Know About The Invasive Asian Lady Beetle

asian lady beetle close up

If you are seeing a large number of ladybugs in your home, what you may actually be seeing are Asian lady beetles. These invasive insects can quickly take over your home and are also known to be somewhat destructive. At Miche Pest Control, we have a team of experienced pest control specialists that can help you identify these non-native bugs and get them out of your house.

How Asian Lady Beetles Differ From Ladybugs

Asian lady beetles are commonly mistaken for ladybugs. And while these two beetles have similar appearances, there are many differences that can be used to successfully identify each of these bugs

Usually, ladybugs have small, round bodies that are bright red and have several black spots scattered on their backs. Their heads are usually small and have tiny round white spots on either side.

Asian lady beetles are typically slightly bigger than a ladybug. While their bodies can be bright red with dark spots, oftentimes, the colors range from a deep red to a light yellow. Also, Asian lady beetles tend to have larger white spots on either side of their head and more white spots on their heads. Sometimes, Asian lady beetles will have a white marking at the base of their head in the shape of the letter "M."

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Why Asian Lady Beetles Are Considered An Issue

Asian lady beetles can be difficult for some families. While they are able to bite people, their bites are considered to be rare and harmless. They are non-venomous bugs that are not aggressive and will only bite if they feel threatened. 

The main complaint that most people have about Asian lady beetles has to do with the foul-smelling yellow liquid they are known to excrete. They will use this liquid as a way to defend themselves against predators. While the liquid isn't considered poisonous to humans, it can cause allergic reactions in some people. Also, the liquid can stain furniture, walls, and other light-colored surfaces.

Why Asian Lady Beetles Invade Homes

Lady beetles are overwintering pests. This means that if they are able to find a way into your home before the cold temperatures hit, they will do their best to stay inside your home to wait out the frigid temperatures of the winter. 

Asian lady beetles are omnivores that will eat almost any type of food that they can access. Some of the things that they like to eat include:

These tiny bugs will also eat mold and mildew that they find around your home. This is why you shouldn't leave wet clothes or towels lying around your house. Once they have viewed your home as a sheltered place with reliable food and water sources, they will start to reproduce. Once they start to lay eggs, it won't take long before you have a severe Asian lady beetle infestation in your house.

How To Get Rid Of An Asian Lady Beetle Infestation

One of the best ways to keep Asian lady beetles out of your home is to close off any potential entry points around your home. Thoroughly inspect your home's exterior to ensure there are no gaps or cracks around the doors, windows, or other areas of your home.

If these pesky beetles are still able to get into your home, you should give us a call as soon as possible. At Miche Pest Control, our highly-trained technicians have decades of experience and know the common habits and behaviors of all of the beetles found in this area. We use this knowledge to help us come up with a multi-step plan that will help to make your home pest-free once again. Give us a call to schedule your consultation.