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3 Tips For Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Home This Winter

November 1, 2021 - Rodents

Author - Tom Miche

Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home This Winter With Miche Pest Control

Rodents, such as mice, rats, and voles, are known for seeking shelter and warmth inside homes during the cold winter months. Because these rodents can carry various parasites and diseases, you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent them from entering your home.

Here are a few ways you can prepare your home for staying rodent-free this winter: 

Seal Potential Entry Points

One aspect of our rodent control program focuses on entry point sealing, which is the closing of holes or gaps around your home that rodents may be able to squeeze through. Because rodents are so small, they have an easy time fitting through small openings and making their way into your home. You can prevent this by looking for and sealing any tears in window screens, any gaps behind appliances or cabinets, and any cracks or holes around the exterior of your home. 

Keep Kitchen Areas Clear of Food & Crumbs

One of the best ways that you can prevent rodents from entering your home is by eliminating any food sources that may attract their attention. This means promptly cleaning up any spills and keeping your countertops and floors free from crumbs and food residue. If you have any pets, such as dogs or cats, be sure to keep their food sealed and stored off of the floor if possible.

Eliminate Clutter

Rodents are most attracted to messy, cluttered areas, so by keeping your home clean and tidy, you can reduce the chance of rodents making their way inside for shelter this winter. You can do this by not leaving food out overnight, keeping your garbage cans covered at all times, and keeping storage boxes and containers elevated off of the floor.

If you believe you already have rodents inside your home, or if you’re interested in preventative services for keeping rodents out, give us a call today to discuss the best rodent control plan for your home!

Miche Pest Control Provides Rodent Control Services In DC, MD & VA

Miche Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest control company that provides residential and commercial pest control services for rodents and more in the greater Washington DC & Baltimore areas. With locations in Manassas, Fairfax, Rockville, Westminster, and Lutherville-Timonium, you can count on Miche Pest Control to get rid of your rodent infestation, and keep the rodents from coming back after they've been eradicated. Contact us today, or book online!

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