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How Do I Get Rid Of Crickets In My Virginia Home?

cricket on a stem

Here in Virginia and throughout the Southeast, we associate certain sounds with summer. Sounds like burgers sizzling on the grill, ice filling a cooler, the national anthem before a ballgame, and crickets chirping late into the night all let us know it's summertime. 

Technically, cricket chirping is called stridulation. The "chirp" is caused by crickets rubbing their leg against their wing or both their wings together. Only male crickets chirp, and they do so to attract a female mate. 

While we may know crickets as the noisemakers we hear all summer; there is much more to this pest. Learn more about these common Virginia pests and how to keep them out of your home with the Virginia pest control experts at Miche Pest Control.

What Do Crickets Look Like

Crickets are commonly confused for grasshoppers and are in the same family of pests. While both have strong hind legs for jumping, crickets are usually smaller and darker.

Here are the three most common cricket species in Virginia:

  1. House Cricket: House crickets are under an inch long, yellowish brown with three darker bands on their heads and wings that lie flat on their backs. 
  2. Camel Cricket: The largest species of cricket in Virginia, they are various shades of brown and identifiable by their humpback shape. 
  3. Field Cricket: Field crickets are similar in size and shape to house crickets but are darker in color.

All cricket species have front wings that are tough and leathery. These wings are what some species of cricket used to make their distinct chirping noise.

Is It Dangerous To Have Crickets In My House?

Crickets are more of a nuisance than a dangerous pest, but they aren't entirely harmless. Crickets can bite but struggle to bite into human skin, so that isn't a risk for people. Some diseases spread by crickets include E. coli and salmonella, and crickets can carry worms in their feces that can cause rashes and sores. If crickets get into your home, they can destroy fabric material, including cotton, silk, wool, and other linens. 

Why Do I Have Crickets In My House?

Like most pests, crickets come to your home searching for food and shelter. Crickets can find food in your yard, flowerbed, and garden. They will also eat other insects that are hanging around your home. They can find shelter in garbage cans, under rocks and stone pavers, in wood piles, and amongst the foliage.

There is one other thing that can attract crickets to your home. Nighttime lighting is a big attraction for crickets. Outdoor lights in your yard and light visible through your home's windows will draw crickets to your home.   

How Do I Get Rid Of Crickets In My House?

Keeping crickets out of your Virginia home is possible. Here are a few tips to keep crickets out:

  • Seal cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home, especially at ground level.
  • Keep bushes, weeds, and grass away from your home's foundation. 
  • Don't pile debris, brush, wood, or construction material near your home. 
  • Reduce exterior lighting when and where possible. 
  • Use yellow light, which is less attractive to pests like crickets.

Following these tips and working with a professional pest control company can keep crickets out of your home

If you are dealing with an active cricket infestation or want to ensure you have a cricket control plan in place, contact us today. Our trained pest control technicians can develop a home pest control plan to keep crickets and other pests away from your Virginia home.