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Brown Dog Ticks

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Brown Dog Ticks In DC, MD & VA

Brown dog ticks are one of the most widely distributed tick species. The more you know about these pests, the easier it will be to keep them off your property and away from your family and pets.

What are brown dog ticks?

Brown dog ticks can be tricky to identify because they lack unique markings. Adults are reddish-brown, but after consuming a blood meal, their engorged tick bodies will turn bluish-gray.

As their name suggests, brown dog ticks prefer to feed on the blood of domestic dogs. However, dogs aren't their only hosts. They will attach themselves to and feed on the blood of other animals and, if we are the only hosts available, people.

Are brown dog ticks dangerous?

Like other ticks, brown dog ticks spread diseases. Brown dog ticks are most likely to transmit ehrlichiosis and babesiosis to dogs. They may also transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever to people.

Because people are not a primary host, they aren't as big a threat to us as other species, but avoiding contact with any tick species is always a good idea.

Why do I have a brown dog tick problem?

Brown dog ticks often become a problem in our homes in the late fall. Many tick-infested wild animals move indoors to seek safe, warm shelter when temperatures drop. Once inside your home, brown dog ticks will continue to feed, breed, and create difficult-to-manage populations.

Where will I find brown dog ticks?

Brown dog ticks are unique because, unlike other tick species, they can complete their life cycle indoors. Structures where brown dog ticks regularly become a problem include kennels, grooming facilities, veterinarian offices, and anywhere else dogs spend a lot of time, including our homes.

Outside, brown dog ticks live in wooded or grassy areas that put them in regular contact with their animal hosts. Though brown dog ticks can feed on many hosts, they typically need to live in areas where they can access canine hosts to develop large populations. 

How do I get rid of brown dog ticks?

Get rid of brown dog ticks and keep them from returning the easy way; partner with us here at Miche Pest Control. We are a family-owned-and-operated business dedicated to helping families in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia maintain pest-free properties.

We will begin with a thorough inspection to find and identify the ticks on your property. Our professionals will then provide effective treatments to eradicate all life stages of brown dog ticks and prevent their return. To learn more about our tick control services, contact us at Miche Pest Control!

How can I prevent brown dog ticks in the future?

In conjunction with professional pest control services, use the following prevention tips to avoid contact with brown dog ticks:

  • If you own pets, discuss placing them on a year-round tick preventative with your veterinarian.
  • Bathe and groom your dogs regularly.
  • Inspect your pets for ticks after they have spent time outside, especially away from your home. 
  • Use a fence to keep your pets in and wild animals and stray pets out. 
  • When walking in wooded areas, keep yourself and your pets in the center of the trail.
  • Keep grass and weeds on your property cut short.
  • Seal defects in your home's exterior that could allow tick-infested wildlife into your home.

If brown dog ticks have become a constant source of frustration, reach out to the professionals at Miche Pest Control for tick control in DC, MD & VA.

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