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How To Identify And Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees On Your Virginia Property

October 11, 2022 - Carpenter Bees

Author - Tom Miche

carpenter bee on wood

As a Virginia homeowner, you probably want to keep your home in tip-top shape. However, when unwanted guests invade your home and start to wreak havoc, you must take action immediately. The carpenter bee is sneaky, not social, and typically hides its nests in hard-to-spot places. They are easily distinguishable from bumble bees by their lack of fuzz and muted, rusted brown color. Contact the Virginia pest control experts right away if you see a carpenter bee or suspect you might have an infestation.

How To Spot A Carpenter Bee Problem On Your Property

Carpenter bees invade spaces typically out of sight, such as siding and building frames, making spotting an infestation much more difficult. With that said, if you see these signs, you may have a carpenter bee infestation:

  • Carpenter bees leave sawdust piles and excrement stains on the wood below their circular holes.

  • Female carpenter bees will chew holes into a wooded area that is unpainted and soft to lay their eggs. These areas are usually in fences and decks. 

  • Carpenter bees are not picky when it comes to the wood in or around your home, living in things such as trees, plants, decks, siding, and door frames. 

  • They are efficient, precise, and meticulous and will drill nearly perfect holes that are round and about half an inch in diameter. These holes are the most obvious signs of a carpenter bee infestation.

While looking for these signs can be a good indicator of a carpenter bee infestation, you could still be dealing with a problem without noticing any of these signs. 

The Property Damage Carpenter Bees Can Create

It's important to note that carpenter bees don't pose much health risk to humans unless someone is allergic. However, even if they aren't considered dangerous to the health and well-being of most humans, they can cause significant destruction. Carpenter bees also like weathered and unpainted softwoods such as redwood, pine, and cedar and can generate a lot of damage to them more quickly. If you let their damage go untreated, it will just pile up, attract other pests, and further impact the structure of your Virginia home. When the weakness of the boards spreads, the entire structure can warp, resulting in walls building, floors sinking, and ceilings dipping. 

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

The main recommendation for carpenter bee control and prevention is to fill all existing holes. While this is a critical step, it's crucial to ensure no carpenter bees are inside the hole, as they will only go further in and cause more damage.

As a result, the best thing to do when dealing with carpenter bees is to call the Virginia pest control experts at Miche Pest Control. As a top-rated, family-owned and operated pest control company, we are your go-to for issues with carpenter bees. Contact us today to learn about our services and how you can get started receiving the treatments you need.

How To Prevent Future Carpenter Bee Infestations

It's easier for homeowners to prevent future carpenter bee infestations than deal with them after the fact. Some tips to avoid future infestations include:

  • If you replace or build wood, use hardwood instead of soft. 

  • Use stain, varnish, or paint to eliminate untreated wood. 

  • Remove decaying or damaged wood such as trees, logs, and stumps. 

  • Check fenceposts, decks, sheds, and the exterior of your home for any holes created by carpenter bees and repair them. 

  • Use noise-making devices such as wind chimes to make your yard less appealing. 

Virginia homeowners should be wary of DIY methods if they think you have a carpenter bee infestation. Applying chemicals without professional assistance can be toxic and may not effectively control a carpenter bee population. Instead, reach out to the professionals.

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