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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Voles In Your Yard

voles hiding underground

Don’t let their adorable little faces lull you into false security. With their short tails and small eyes and ears, voles can damage your lawn and garden in the blink of an eye. These herbivores view your garden as their smorgasbord of goodies for the taking.

Fortunately, Miche Pest Control delivers the most effective vole pest control to rid your yard of these highly destructive rodents before they can do any more damage. Our expertly trained technicians understand how devastating it can be when nuisance wildlife destroys your costly landscaping efforts, which is why we leap into action to eliminate these rodents fast. Please continue reading to learn more about voles and how professionals pest control can help you get rid of them.

How To Identify A Vole

It’s not unusual to confuse a vole with a mouse, especially since they look almost identical. Voles have a shorter, stockier frame than mice, with small, dark eyes, a short and furry tail, short legs, and partly concealed ears. These critters can range in color from reddish-brown to gray to black. They’re relatively docile and not known to bite. However, voles can cause significant damage to your yard and landscaping. So, contact Miche Pest Control if you notice these rodents around your property.

Why Voles In Your Yard Can Be So Problematic

If you’re a green thumb or someone who loves beautifying their property with luscious greenery and other landscaping elements, voles become enemy number one with their highly destructive nature. These tiny rodents love dining on everything your garden has to offer, from chewing the stems of vulnerable, young trees to gnawing on woody, ornamental plants, voles can cause significant dieback resulting in severe turf damage. This can cost homeowners a pretty penny to restore their yard to its full glory.

Voles can also transmit disease through their urine and feces that they leave behind on your property. So, it’s essential to enlist the services of professional vole control to remove these rodents quickly.

Naturally Effective Ways To Prevent Voles In Your Yard

Today, many people are taking a more natural approach to resolving household issues than in previous years. Even when it comes to pest control, there are plenty of non-toxic options available that are safer to use around children and pets. If you currently have a vole problem, there are simple methods you can try that don’t require using any chemical substances. For the most natural vole control for your yard, you can try the following:

  • Eliminating mulch from your landscaping projects.
  • Scattering castor oil-soaked cotton balls near your foliage.
  • Sprinkling coffee grounds with a light hand around your property.
  • Protecting the base of immature trees with plastic tubing or wire mesh.
  • Limiting or removing vegetation and ground cover.

Consider fencing off your garden to keep rodents out. Also, ensure you’re not inadvertently attracting critters to your yard by collecting all fallen fruit from trees and clearing away clutter and debris from your property.

The Key To Total Vole Control For Your Yard

The best way to control voles in your yard is to enlist the services of professional pest specialists who can deliver the results that keep your property consistently rodent-free. Experienced technicians have an acute understanding of industry best practices and access to the most effective products and newest equipment. Their vast knowledge of pest habits and behaviors allows them to eliminate pest problems accurately.

Since 2019, Miche Pest Control has delivered outstanding pest management services that have kept our residents’ properties peacefully pest-free. We’re in the business of improving the lives of our customers. To that end, we employ innovative techniques for controlling voles that keep them away consistently. Reach out to us today, so we can get started with your estimate.