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All About Termite Removal

Two termites

Termites are a pest you don't want to ignore. They may be small but they can cause plenty of damage in a short amount of time. Taking action can help you avoid some big problems down the road. If you suspect you have termites, there are a few options you have to help resolve the problems. Keep in mind though, termite colonies can survive and re-populate if you don't eliminate them all. If you think you have termites, try these techniques and reach out to us for help eradicating them in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

When Dealing With Termites, Prevention Is Key

To help reduce the risk of termites, take action by eliminating the environment they can thrive in. If you have a lot of mulch around your home, you may be inviting them. Mulch is a wood product and termites love to chew through wood. And once they have made their way through the mulch, they may move on to the wood structure of your house. In place of mulch, use gravel in the garden and around the foundation of your structure.

Keep plants trimmed and if possible, a few inches away from your house. Eliminate moist conditions, such as having a leaky hose or faucet wetting the ground. Termites can fly during the swarming stage in their life and outdoor lights will attract them when they are looking for a new place for their colony. Keep lights off at night when the spring weather warms up, or switch your light bulbs out for the yellow colored sodium vapor light bulbs. Whenever possible, use lights that are not in direct contact with your house.

Are There Natural Methods Of Termite Removal?

This is a common question that we get about eliminating termites. While natural remedies for termites are generally not successful in getting rid of an entire subterranean termite colony, there are natural methods for getting rid of termites that are out in the open. One natural approach is to spray termites directly with certain oils and extracts. This includes tea tree oil, cedarwood oil, orange oil, vinegar, and more. Some people use garlic oil or clove oil to keep them away. Another natural method of killing termites is to use sodium borate (borax powder). An advantage to using sodium borate is that it is inexpensive and relatively easy to find.

Bleach is commonly used for killing termites that are out in the open, but it is not labeled for termite control, and the fumes from bleach can be dangerous if the bleach isn't used properly. There are poisons and chemicals available for purchase over-the-counter that are labeled for termite control. When used as directed, these can be successful in killing termites when sprayed or otherwise used directly on termites, but only in the rarest of circumstances are these products effective in actually eliminating a colony of termites.

If You Have Termites, Time Is Of The Essence

If you have any indicators of termites, don't delay taking action against them. There are products you can use to eliminate the termites you can see, but it is harder to get rid of the entire colony, and it is especially difficult to get rid of the queen termite. Termite damage in the United States averages 5 billion dollars per year - and most homeowner's insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for termite damage.

Call Miche Pest Control For Expert Termite Removal In Washington DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia

Termites are destructive and hard to get rid of. By the time you know you have an issue, they have already created a great deal of damage. It is best to have a termite control expert inspect your property for any signs of termites. They can create a strategy to destroy the termites and help you regain control over your home or business. If you have found signs of termites or want to make sure that you are taking appropriate steps to prevent them, we can help. We can eliminate a termite infestation and help you keep them out for good. Contact us today!