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Pest Spotlight: How To Tackle A Silverfish Problem In Maryland

three silverfishes

Clothing can be expensive. It can also be dirt cheap. It all depends on where you shop. Now, we aren’t here today to judge your shopping habits. We are here to help you protect your clothing and other fabric-based items inside your home. What are we helping you protect them from? Silverfish, of course. These small destructive insects are a huge problem.

Here are some things to consider today to help you identify and tackle a silverfish infestation inside your Maryland home. To go straight to professional pest control in Maryland, call our team at Miche Pest Control. We know how to deal quickly with these pests and would be happy to help you.

How To Identify Silverfish In Your Home

Identifying silverfish indoors is not always easy. These small bugs blend well with lighter-colored carpets, drapes, clothing, and furniture. If your home has a darker theme, you will have a much easier time spotting these ¾” long, silver to brown, fish-shaped pests. One key feature that sets a silverfish apart from other local pests is the three bristle-like tails that protrude from its rear. A good way to identify silverfish without seeing them is to look for the signs they leave behind. Here are just a few silverfish infestation signs to check for inside your home:

  • Yellow stains on fabrics
  • Peppercorn-like droppings
  • Skin molts
  • Holes and surface etching on fabrics inside your home

For more help identifying these pests, have our team at Miche Pest Control visit you. We will perform a detailed pest inspection and help you spot these invasive insects fast.

Where Silverfish Could Be Hiding

One thing people do not think about with silverfish is where they might hide when faced with danger. These pests are incredibly elusive and are great at disappearing into the recesses of homes when their lives depend on them. While these pests might usually spend a lot of time inside carpets, furs, and clothing storage areas, they will also seek shelter inside wall voids, attics, basements, and crawl spaces when they feel general living areas are too dangerous. If you want to ensure the removal of these pests from your home, you have to be sure your hired professionals know how to address these pests. Let our team at Miche Pest Control help you with fast and easy silverfish pest control.

The Damage Silverfish Can Do In Your Home

Silverfish do not bite people. In fact, they do not pose any serious risk to human health. What silverfish bite is clothing, carpets, rugs, draperies, and other fabric-based items inside homes. These little insects will leave holes in your clothing, surface etching on your carpet, and occasionally even eat the glue and paper out of books. If you let an infestation exist for more than a month inside your home, these pests will reproduce and cause serious problems. 

Professional Silverfish Control For Maryland Homeowners

Now that you know some silverfish facts, we want to share' the solution' to these pests. Your best option to deal with an infestation inside your home involves hiring our team at Miche Pest Control. Our team is passionate about finding your freedom from local pest problems, and we work hard to make sure that tricky pests like silverfish have nowhere to run during treatments. Let us be your first choice for high-quality pest control in Maryland today!

Contact us now and learn more about our comprehensive service options and find out what our silverfish control would look like for your Maryland home.