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How To Identify And Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees On Your Property

carpenter bee eating nectar

As blissful as it is to hear birds singing and see flowers in full bloom, that can only mean one thing: carpenter bees are zooming at warp speed to a property near you, if not yours. And they’re well-rested and ready to drill holes into your valuable woodwork. Their destructive behavior is enough to make you want to live in an igloo. But before you pack things up and move to Siberia, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Miche Pest Control delivers outstanding solutions to get rid of carpenter bees professionally so you can focus on the more important things in your life. So, before you head for the Arctic, keep reading to learn more about these misbehaving bees and how quality pest control services can eradicate them for good.

How To Identify A Carpenter Bee Issue

Carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumble bees because of the yellow and black colorations they both share. However, carpenter bees are much larger than their buzzing doppelgängers. Another distinctive difference is that these types of bees have a shiny abdomen with no hair, while bumble bees have fuzzy ones. Given their name, one may assume that carpenter bees are the more helpful stinging insect species, but sadly, that's not the case. Although they possess a super industrious spirit, it's to a homeowner's demise. Carpenter bees drill perfectly round holes into wood to make their nests. If you see holes in your woodwork, especially around eaves, decks, and fences, it's a good indication that you have carpenter bees on your property.

Reach out to your local pest control company to schedule a comprehensive inspection to determine the next steps.

The Issues A Carpenter Bee Infestation Can Create

If you think carpenter bees around your house or office may seem harmless, they're not. In fact, they can create a boatload of issues once they build their nests on your property. Take a look at some of the problems these destructive bees can create:

  • Structural damage: By drilling holes in your woodwork, they weaken the structure, leading to potential collapse.
  • Aesthetic damage: Holes in your wooden materials can be unsightly and decrease your property's curb appeal.
  • Woodpecker damage: These birds love to feast on carpenter bee larvae, which can cause even more damage.
  • Potential for water damage: Holes in your wood can allow water to seep in, leading to rot.
  • Potential attacks: These insects can become aggressive when protecting their colonies, which could result in painful stings.

If the presence of these insects makes you concerned, contact Miche Pest Control immediately. We offer effective carpenter bee removal services that will eliminate the issue quickly.

How To Prevent Carpenter Bees From Returning To Your Property

There's only one way better than treating a carpenter bee infestation: preventing its occurrence from the start. The first action you should take is to seal off potential nesting sites by filling in holes or cracks in your wood materials. Make sure to paint or stain it to discourage these bees from drilling into it. Secondly, enlist the services of pest experts. Regular professional treatments can prevent carpenter bees from nesting on your property and causing further damage.

The Best Thing To Do About Carpenter Bees On Your Property

Want to know the best way to get rid of carpenter bees on your property? Partner with a professional team who understands the habits and behaviors of these flying nuisance insects. Our team at Miche Pest Control has a proven track record of improving the lives of our customers by providing exceptional service that eclipses the competition. Get in touch with us today so we can deliver your free quote.