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Protect Yourself And Family From Dangerous Ticks

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Living in a metropolitan area as many perks such as many historical monuments, fun attractions, and an excellent transit system. However, pests like ticks can put a damper on life, especially if they bite family members or pets.

If you enjoy visiting parks or spending time in your yard, it’s vital to know how to defend yourself against ticks. Find ways to make your home less friendly to ticks and keep them at bay. Make sure a qualified pest control service treats your home for ticks. 

All The Places Ticks Like To Hide Out

How to get rid of ticks? First, you need to know the spots where these pests like to hide. An experienced technician can help you determine problem areas around your property and apply an effective tick control treatment.

Ticks often reside in tall grass, overgrown, neglected yards, woodpiles, sheds, and dog houses. Because they cannot jump or fly as many other pests can, they simply wait with outstretched legs for an unsuspecting host to brush past them and climb aboard.

Because these tiny arachnids may measure between 1/8 to 5/8 of an inch in length, they are difficult to spot. After going outside, it’s critical to spot-check pets and family members to ensure ticks don’t hitch a ride.

The Dangerous Diseases Ticks Are Known To Spread

Do all ticks carry Lyme disease? No, all tick pests do not have or transmit Lyme disease.

And there are different types of ticks that you should know, including:

  • American dog tick
  • Blacklegged tick
  • Brown dog tick
  • Gulf coast tick
  • Lone star tick

The Blacklegged tick transmits Lyme disease via its bite because it carries the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. Protect yourself, your family, and your pets from bites with outdoor tick spray and apply a repellent. If you see a tick on your skin or clothing, remove it immediately and dispose of it.

Other illnesses spread through tick bites include Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, or Powassan disease. Seek medical treatment if you develop flu-like symptoms, the injury site becomes infected, or you cannot remove the tick from your body. The longer ticks stay embedded in your skin, the greater the chances of disease transmission.

Five Simple Tips To Protect Yourself From Ticks

Arm yourself with knowledge and follow common-sense methods to reduce the chances of a tick bite.

Here are some simple things you can do:

  1. Treat your clothing before you venture outside, and check yourself for hitchhiking ticks when you return. 
  2. Wear long socks, tuck your pants legs into them, and wear long-sleeved shirts. Wearing light colors will help you easily spot ticks and remove them.
  3. Remove overgrown areas, sources of moisture, and other places ticks might be hiding on your property. 
  4. Work with your veterinarian to keep pets treated for ticks and check them when returning inside. 
  5. When visiting a park or heavily wooded area, try to walk in the middle of paths where vegetation won’t easily brush up against you or your pets.

Plan before tick season, especially if you have pets and enjoy spending time outdoors. Schedule a tick pest treatment for your home and yard from Miche Pest Control to prevent these arachnids and stay safe.

The Best Way To Keep Ticks Away From Your Home

How to keep ticks away from your home and family? Regularly maintain the yard and keep the grass cut short. Remove stacks of wood, dead leaves, or other debris where ticks hide. If you live near a wooded area, create a three-foot barrier between the woods and your lawn using crushed stone or other material to prevent ticks from crossing into the lawn. Before you go out, apply a repellent to deter ticks from biting family and pets, and perform frequent tick checks.

The best way to keep ticks away from your home and yard is to have a pest control company like Miche Pest Control regularly visit. Our friendly and professional technicians can apply a safe, effective solution to expel ticks and keep these arachnids from returning.

We guarantee our tick control services and provide quarterly treatments. Call Miche Pest Control today for a next-day appointment, and let us handle your tick problems.