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Roaches In The Home Are Dangerous And Hard To Get Rid Of

wandering cockroach

Everyone hates to see roaches in their home. Most people think of roaches as nothing more than a nuisance bug. However, they can actually be extremely hazardous to your health and can also be difficult to get rid of on your own.

If you are seeing roaches in your house, don't worry, Miche Pest Control is here to help! We have been the leading pest control company for years because of our exceptional attention to detail and innovative pest control solutions. Here is a look at what you should know if you have roaches in your home.

Clear Signs You Have A Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are small and squeeze in the tiny cracks around your baseboards, electrical outlets, and other areas. They use these small openings to easily enter and exit the space in between your walls. Usually, as soon as they sense a human or animal nearby, they will scurry to their hard-to-reach hiding spots and wait until the coast is clear. 

If you are unable to catch these sneaky bugs with your own eyes, there are still signs that you can look for, which include:

  • Roach droppings that are small and dark and resemble ground coffee

  • Dark smear marks on your furniture, walls, and other surfaces in your home

  • A foul musky odor that gets more noticeable with severe infestations

  • Translucent skin casings that are in the shape of a roach body

Instead of laying individual eggs, cockroaches will lay one egg sac, called an ootheca. The ootheca is dark brown, shaped like a rectangle, and only about a third of an inch long. If you see these egg sacs or the empty shell, there is a good chance that you already have several roaches living inside of your home. 

All The Ways Roaches In Your Home Can Make You Sick

Roaches are filthy bugs that shed their body parts and leave their urine and fecal matter all over your home. Over time, these things can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions. 

In addition to causing upper respiratory symptoms, roaches can also spread a variety of dangerous and deadly diseases. Some of the serious illnesses that you can catch from having a roach infestation include cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever. 

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Roaches On Your Own

Many people think that it is impossible to get rid of roaches. The truth is, it's not impossible, but it is challenging. There are even many professional pest control specialists who find it difficult to completely get rid of cockroaches. 

The main reason why it is so hard to get rid of roaches on your own is that they can nest in hard-to-access areas of your home. Also, many roaches have built up a tolerance to some of the common pesticides you can find over the counter. Many DIY roach solutions you can buy in stores don't work and can also worsen the situation by driving roaches deeper into your home. 

Call The Pros To Completely Get Rid Of Roaches

At Miche Pest Control, we understand the secret to achieving total roach control. Severe infestations will take multiple treatments to eradicate all of the adults, pupae, and ootheca that are hiding in the crevices of your home. When you call us, we will thoroughly inspect your property to ensure we fully understand your unique cockroach issues. Then, we will come up with a customized plan that is tailored to your situation. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.