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What To Know If You're Seeing Stink Bugs Around Your Home

stink bug on a surface

Have you started to sense the change of season? The temperature outside is getting colder, people are retiring swim trunks and pulling jackets out of closets, and the trees look a little less green. One significant change in fall and winter is stink bug invasions increase.

If you are seeing stink bugs around your home, here are some things to think about today. Get our team at Miche Pest Control involved for quick services to eliminate these pests indoors. We will walk you through some of our simple professional pest control options and find one that fits your need. 

Stink Bugs Are Pretty Easy To Identify

There are lots of pests that live here. Few are as easy to identify as the marmorated stink bug. This invasive insect has a flat, shield-shaped body, a mottled grayish-brown coloration, and two long, straight antennae that protrude from its head.

If you are dealing with a stink bug infestation, you should know about it. These bugs do hide indoors, but not well. You will notice stink bugs buzzing around your living areas, crawling up walls, and even chilling on television screens. To find out if your home is susceptible to an invasion this fall and winter, let our team perform a detailed pest inspection of your home and property. 

Stink Bugs Invade In Large Numbers 

There is no such thing as a small stink bug infestation. When these bugs invade local homes, they do so in groups. It all starts during fall when temperatures cool down and stink bugs start looking for warmth; this draws them to the sun-bathed side of buildings. When soaking up warm rays is no longer enough to survive, stink bugs start looking for cracks, gaps, and other openings to get into structures. By the time winter hits, thousands upon thousands of these pests are comfortably hiding inside local homes. The only question is, how many will find their way into your living areas this year? Consider researching some stink bug prevention tips to stop these pests before they invade.

Four Practical Ways To Prevent Stink Bugs Around Your Home

This fall, take a stand against stink bugs. Don’t let these pests invade your living areas and affect your quality of life. To help you with this here is how to prevent stink bugs with four practical steps:

  1. Identify cracks, gaps, and holes in your home’s exterior foundation. Seal these potential entry points using silicone caulk and a caulking gun.
  2. Repair damage to your home’s windows and doors and ensure they are in good working condition.
  3. Fix or replace damaged screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.
  4. Turn off exterior lights when it gets dark out.

You do not have to face a potential stink bug invasion alone. Get our team involved to help deal with these pests before and after they invade.

The Most Effective Way To Keep Stink Bugs Away

In a perfect world, stink bugs wouldn’t invade homes. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Consider getting our team at Miche Pest Control involved to prevent and control these pests easily. We offer fast and effective pest control services to deal with all overwintering pests, including stink bugs. Let us visit you, assess the severity of your infestation, and offer a quick solution to remove and keep these pests out.

Contact our team now and discover more about our service options and learn how to schedule your home for a visit.