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The Secret To Getting Rid Of Crickets In Your Home


Crickets are perhaps one of the most common types of pests in the nation. We have all heard the chirping, which tends to reach a fever pitch on a warm summer evening. Primarily thought of as a nuisance during an outside dinner or when you’re trying to get some shut-eye, crickets can cause damage if they find their way into your home.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the characteristics of crickets, the issues they can create when they breach your home and how to prevent them going forward. If you have cricket concerns, call Miche Pest Control for your pest control needs. We have experience in eliminating all species of crickets you might encounter, as well as a host of other annoying and damaging pests.

Characteristics Of Common Crickets

There are known to be hundreds of types of crickets. The common cricket you might encounter in the our area tends to be cylindrically shaped, with a round head and long antennae. They have strong hind legs and are primarily brown or black. While many are winged, they rarely fly. Crickets usually jump from place to place with their strong hind legs, sometimes as far as two feet in a single bound!

What can crickets eat? Crickets are omnivores, so they’ll feed on plant life as well as flesh. Your lawn is a veritable buffet for crickets. From grass and flowers to smaller insects, your property has much to offer crickets with regard to food.

Perhaps the most well-known characteristic of the common cricket is the noise they make, often described as chirping. This is a phenomenon known as stridulation. Male crickets exclusively make this noise by rubbing their wings together. They use it for three primary purposes: wooing female crickets, communicating with others, and warding off potential predators or adversaries.

The Problems Crickets Can Create In Your House

Yes, cricket chirping is noisy when they’re outside on your lawn or just past where the yard ends, in the woods. Imagine how much louder and more annoying the chirping becomes when they’ve made their way into your home and are chirping late at night while inhabiting your basement or attic. 

In addition to the increased noise level and difficulty that can cause when you’re trying to sleep, because crickets are omnivores, nothing in your home is off limits to these pests. Crickets will go after more than just your fruit and vegetables. They’ll also feed on almost anything cloth or woolen. That includes carpeting, rugs, clothing, table clothes, furniture, and more.

Contact The Pros To Get Rid Of Crickets Fast!

If you have a cricket infestation, don't wait. Crickets reproduce quickly and a small issue can soon become a much larger one. Our approach to cricket control entails quickly and fully getting rid of crickets in the house as well as doing all we can in order to prevent future invasions.

Miche Pest Control has vast experience in eradicating crickets in local homes. Our pest control focuses primarily on the exterior of your home. We have found that if we show the outside of your home the proper amount of attention, we rarely have to contend with interior issues. However, in the instance where there is a cricket issue in your home, we are fully equipped to remediate the infestation.

How To Prevent Future Cricket Problems In Your Home

Once the professionals have eradicated crickets in your home, there are a number of steps you can take in order to prevent these pests from returning. Here are the best ways we’ve found to reduce the chance of crickets coming back into your home:

  • Alter lighting: Crickets are attracted to light sources. Turn off unneeded interior lights, especially at night.
  • Remove the home’s access points: This entails repairing cracks in the home’s exterior and ensuring screens are intact.
  • Maintain outside areas: Keeping grass trimmed and removing debris.

While there are standard ways to prevent future cricket infestations, each home has its own unique needs. Miche Pest Control will ensure that we’ve done all we can do in order to prevent crickets from infiltrating your home in the future. So call us today!