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Why Mice Are So Hard To Keep Out Of Dundalk Homes

Why Mice Are So Hard To Keep Out Of Dundalk Homes


Mice are small rodents with long, thin tails. They are typically dark grey or a brown color, and most mice have eyes that are entirely black. When these small rodents get into a home, they can become no small problem because they can spread harmful bacteria and parasites. They're also destructive animals. They damage food packaging, stored goods, sheetrock, plaster, wallpaper, wood timbers, and many other things. The worst thing they chew on when they get into Dundalk homes is wiring. This can lead to a house fire. So, it is always best to get rid of mice and keep them out. Unfortunately, it isn't easy keeping mice out of your home. In fact, it can be downright difficult. Let's take a look at a few reasons why.

Mice Squeeze Through Small Openings

A mouse will typically range from 2 ½ to 3 ¾ inches in length. As you can probably imagine, it is difficult to keep a small animal like this out of your home. But it is worse than you might think. A mouse can not only fit through a hole the size of its body; it can fit through a hole the size of its head. If a mouse can get its head through, it can squeeze its body through that same hole. Most adult mice have the ability to fit through a hole the size of a dime.

Mice are attracted to tight spaces. These animals actually like being cramped. You might say that they are the opposite of claustrophobic. They have no problem squeezing into any gap or crack you provide. They actually like it. This is one of the reasons they find their way into Dundalk homes.

Tip: Seal every gap and crack in your exterior to remove the incentive mice have to get into your home.

Mice Are Great Climbers

When you work to seal your exterior, mice could bypass your efforts by exploiting entry points on your roof. How do they get up there? They use their exceptional climbing ability.

  • A mouse can climb up some exterior wall surfaces with ease. All they need is a surface material they can grip.
  • A mouse can shimmy and climb up the downspout of a gutter system.
  • A mouse can scale a tree, run down a branch, and jump onto a roof.
  • A mouse can scale a utility pole and run across a power wire to get onto a roof.

Tip: Trim branches away from your roofline and put wire mesh in your downspouts.

Mice Can Jump

Are you aware that a mouse can jump one foot straight up in the air, and about 3 feet horizontally? This is quite impressive for its size. A mouse will use this ability to get to locations that would surprise you. If you have an object near your home, a mouse could scale it and use it to jump to a window ledge, louver, vent, or some other point of potential entry.

Tip: Keep objects away from your exterior walls, and don't neglect to bolster your defenses around first-story windows, even if you don't think mice can get up that high.

Mice Can Chew Through Wood

This is perhaps the most surprising skill of all. A determined mouse can chew through a 2x4. If you have any wood rot on your home, a mouse can take advantage of the softened wood to get into your wall, floor, and ceiling voids. Once inside your home, a mouse can chew through baseboards, sheetrock, and other building materials to create access points to food storage. If you hope to keep mice out of your Dundalk home, you need to be aware that they can make small holes larger.

Tip: Routine inspections are essential. Look for droppings and damage caused by mice. Use metal flashing or hardware cloth to bolster areas that are being chewed. If your rodent pressures are high, trapping may be required to cull the population and prevent entry. Keep this in mind.

How To Control Mice In Dundalk

When you start having issues with mice, the easiest solution is to contact Miche Pest Control. Our licensed pest professionals use field-tested methods to locate mice, remove mice, and monitor the success of treatments. You're not going to have to wonder whether or not your home still has mice in it, or whether or not mice will continue to get inside. If you have questions, or you'd like to meet with one of our helpful technicians, we'd be happy to schedule an inspection. Hop over to our contact page and tell us about your mouse problem. We'll guide you in finding the right solution for the specific conditions that are allowing mice to get into your Dundalk home. Reach out to us today.

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