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What Attracts Spiders Into Your Home?


Many people suffer from arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders. There are over 50,000 different species of spiders. All of them have eight legs, and most of them have eight eyes. Their unique appearance and impressive ability to crawl into various crevices of your home can make them seem quite frightening to some people. 

Even if you are not afraid of spiders, you should still seek the help of a professional pest control company if you suddenly see more spiders in your home. At Miche Pest Control, we understand that not all spiders are scary, but they could indicate that you have a bigger problem on your hands.

What Are Spiders Good For?

While spiders may look scary, they actually play an important role in our ecosystem, and they can be useful to have around. Spiders like to eat various insects, which include worms, snails, and cockroaches. Some of these insects are capable of spreading diseases and viruses to you and your family if they come into your home. So, if you see a spider in your home, it might help to keep you safe from other insects. 

Spiders are also beneficial to other animals as well. For instance, some birds will use old spider webs to help bind their nest together. Some species of birds also like to eat spiders and will snack on various types of spiders that are found around your property. 

Does Killing A Spider Attract More Spiders?

Spiders like to eat insects and will occasionally eat other spiders as well. However, they like to have their meals still alive when they catch them. Technically, a dead spider does not attract other spiders. However, if a spider carcass stays in one location for an extended period of time, it could attract other insects. The insects that come to eat the dead spider could attract live spiders.

If you see a dead spider or you kill a spider in your home, make sure to remove it as soon as possible to ensure that it doesn't attract other bugs to the area. 

What Attracts Spiders To Come Inside Your House?

Spiders like warm and moist areas. They will come into your home if they feel there is a viable food and water source. Some of the things that could be attracting spiders to your home include:

  • Food left out in the open: Spiders are not attracted to human food. However, the bugs are attracted to this food. If you are attracting bugs into your home, you are also attracting spiders.
  • Leaky Faucets: Spiders like moist areas. If you have a leaky faucet or pipe under your sink, you will probably find spiders hanging out in your house.
  • Tall grass and bushes near your home: Spiders are more likely to come to your home if there is a safe way for them to get there. A spider can easily sneak inside if you have tall grass or bushes near your windows and doors.

Spiders will only come into your house if there is an opening. The potential entry point does not have to be big. They are usually able to squeeze their bodies into spaces that are only a few centimeters wide. Check the exterior of your home to ensure that there are no gaps or cracks that the spiders can use as an entrance. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Spiders In My House?

If you are seeing spiders in your home, you should have it inspected by a professional to ensure that you don't have a secondary infestation or another problem. Give us a call today to see how we can help get rid of spiders and make your home pest-free.