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Help! There Are Carpenter Bees Taking Over My Washington D.C. Property

Bee on a wood

It can be startling to see a bee while walking around outdoors. Although not as scary looking as wasps, these plump pests pose a concern. One species that is especially concerning is the carpenter bee.

Let’s talk about this pest today and find out why you don’t want them buzzing around your Washington D.C. property. If you need assistance dealing with an active infestation of stinging insects, you do not have to read this article to find a solution. Call our team at Miche Pest Control and learn about our comprehensive Washington D.C. pest control options and find out if we are right for the job. 

How To Identify Carpenter Bees

The carpenter bee is easily recognizable by its plump body, slick black abdomen, and the black spot in the middle of its furry thorax. This pest buzzes around local properties looking for places to build a nest and flowers to feed on. As its name suggests, the carpenter bee builds its nests inside wood structures. They prefer wood that is sun-damaged and untreated. To find out if these pests have built nests around your property, look for ¼” wide holes inside your deck, porch, support beams, shed, garage, and other wooden areas. If you are nervous about looking around for these stinging insects, have our team inspect your home and property. We offer fast inspection services for bees and wasps and would be happy to visit you.

Does Anything Instantly Kill Carpenter Bees?

When it comes to how to deal with carpenter bees, you have many options. One simple option is to kill them. The question is, how can you kill these pests instantly? It turns out there are many things that instantly kill carpenter bees in Washington, D.C. A few methods you may have considered are:

  • Stomping on one with a boot
  • Hitting one with an electric bug racket
  • Running over one with your car
  • Using a book to squish one into a wall

Most people are hesitant to use these types of methods because they are afraid of being stung. We completely understand this concern. Although carpenter bees are less aggressive than other local stinging insects, they will still attack if they feel trapped or threatened. If you are dealing with an active infestation on your property and want to remove these pests for good, your absolute best option is to get a professional involved. 

What Damages Can Carpenter Bees Cause In Washington, D.C.

As pest damage goes, carpenter bee damage is not the worst. These pests drill small ¼” wide, 1” deep holes into wood. There is a problem if several dozen carpenter bees all build nests in the same wood structure; this can eventually lead to structural issues and make beams, boards, and supports look unsightly. Your goal should be to stop these pests before the damage becomes too severe, and this is done best with professional help. 

What Is The Best Treatment For Carpenter Bees

Now that you know some carpenter bee facts, let’s talk about how to quickly remove these pests from your property. If you want fast and effective services, bring in our team at Miche Pest Control. We offer great options to deal with a wide range of stinging insects. Let us prove why we are your best option for carpenter bee removal in Washington, D.C.

Contact us now to schedule your Washington, D.C. property for a visit and learn how easy it is to control carpenter bees with a friend.