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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Washington D.C. Home


No one wants pests in their Washington D.C. home, but there is something particularly unsettling about coming across a group of silverfish wriggling across your kitchen table or bathroom floor. Pest control in Washington D.C. can help ensure that you will not be startled by these odd-looking pests. Silverfish may be common invaders of D.C. homes, but that doesn't mean you need to share your living space with them. Miche Pest Control has programs to help with silverfish as well as other occasional invaders and can provide you with tips and tricks to keep your home free of silverfish and other nuisance pests. Here's what you need to know about controlling these pests in your home. 

How To Identify A Silverfish

Given their name, it may not surprise you that silverfish have some aquatic features. In addition to their silvery metallic scales, these insects also wriggle across floors and countertops with surprising speed and fishlike movements. Aside from these traits, you can identify silverfish in your home by their elongated teardrop-shaped bodies and three bristle tails. They grow to be around ¾ of an inch in length, not including these tails, and have threadlike antennas.  

You are most likely to find these pests in humid, moist areas inside your home, such as basements and bathrooms. If they enter your home through a shake roof, they may also drop down from soffits, skylights, or canister light fixtures. 

Why You Don't Want Silverfish Crawling Around Your Home

Silverfish are considered nuisance pests and are not dangerous to people or our pets. They don't bite or spread disease and they are not a significant threat to our home. However, these pests do cause harm to personal belongings, and the more their population grows the greater the risk of this becomes. 

Silverfish damage a variety of items when they feed on things like books, envelopes, wallpaper, glue, clothing, and pantry foods. If left unchecked, they can damage or contaminate these materials in your home. 

Silverfish lay one to three eggs a day and live for up to three years. So what starts as a small population will grow into an infestation if it is not addressed. 

Five Naturally Effective Silverfish Prevention Tips

Silverfish are drawn to moist environments with plenty to eat. Your best bet is to reduce moisture, eliminate entry points, and secure your pantry items and other food sources. You can do this with the following five tips:

  1. Repair leaks, address condensation issues, and use dehumidifiers where needed.
  2. Maintain drainage systems and eliminate or repair moldy or wet wood.
  3. Seal cracks and crevices in your home's exterior and install weatherstripping on doors and windows.
  4. Store books, magazines, and other paper-based items in covered totes instead of cardboard boxes.
  5. Keep pantry food in glass or plastic containers. 

If you have taken these silverfish prevention steps in your home and you are still noticing signs of their presence, it may be time to call in the professionals.  

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Home

The best way to get rid of silverfish is with help from the professionals at Miche Pest Control. We provide quality residential pest control services quarterly, bimonthly, and monthly plans that cover occasional invaders like silverfish along with a host of other common local pests. If you are looking for silverfish treatment for your Washington D.C. home, look no further than Miche Pest Control. Call today for your free quote on the best pest control in D.C.!