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The Key To Getting Rid Of Centipedes In Your Home

Centipede on a rock

Most homeowners have yet to learn that a predator is living within their homes. While this predator is typically shy and not incredibly aggressive, their appearance can cause people in homes to shriek and exit a room quickly. When centipedes find their way into homes, their unique body shape and movements can intimidate even the bravest person in your home. If centipede activity in your house causes people discomfort, you may need help from a professional pest control company like Miche Pest Control.

How To Identify A Centipede

Centipedes in your house are relatively easy to identify. Their shape, unique features, and habits can help homeowners with quick identification.

Five characteristics of a centipede that help with identification include:

  1. They have a flat, worm-like body that can grow between an eighth and six inches long.
  2. They have numerous pairs of legs (15-177) that sometimes have “bands” on them.
  3. Their colorations range from dark brown to yellowish, and some have dark markings or stripes on their body.
  4. They have a rounded head with a pair of long and thin antennae.
  5. They are fast movers.

Centipedes crave moisture. Outside, they can live in rotten logs, under loose bark, in yard debris like woodpiles, piles of leaves or grass, in the trash, or under rocks. When centipedes venture indoors, they typically find sanctuary in potted plants, bathrooms, basements, or crawl spaces. While centipedes may seem like more of a nuisance pest, they can cause issues within homes that are less than desirable. Miche Pest Control offers residents local pest control services that can expertly address and remedy your centipede and pest control concerns.

Why You Don’t Want Centipedes Hanging Around

Not only are centipedes predators, but they are also primarily carnivorous. They feast on spiders, flies, and cockroaches; sometimes, they eat and damage plants. Since they don’t pose a significant health hazard or property threat, some might wonder why they should worry about them. All house centipedes have poisonous jaws and venom, so you want to avoid centipede bites. A run-in with a centipede can result in an unpleasant bite. Some larger centipede bites can produce pain on the level of a bee sting and cause swelling. 

Another reason you don’t want to see centipedes in your home is that they may indicate additional pest or moisture issues within your home. A plentiful food and moisture source within your home is a written invitation for a huge centipede infestation. You can ensure centipedes and other pests won’t get comfortable in your home by enlisting help from a pest professional like Miche Pest Control for a thorough home inspection. Our technicians can quickly identify pest control concerns and recommend suggestions for remediation.

Four Eco-Friendly Centipede Prevention Tips

Centipedes that stay outside are highly beneficial to our ecosystem; they are great helpers in gardens. With some eco-friendly tips, homeowners can encourage centipedes to stay outdoors where they belong.

Four eco-friendly centipede prevention tips homeowners can use include the following suggestions:

  1. Remove stones, leaves, and grass clippings from your yard and store firewood off the ground.
  2. Ventilate or use dehumidifiers in high moisture locations.
  3. Seal gaps around windows and install a door sweep and weatherstripping.
  4. Fill in crevices and cracks in your foundation and siding.

Even the most proactive homeowners can still experience unwanted centipedes in their homes. If you feel you have an overabundance of centipedes, it’s time to call Miche Pest Control for professional removal services.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Centipedes In Your House

Miche Pest Control does pest control the right way! Our family-owned and operated company offers customers dependable pest control services to get rid of nuisance centipedes. Our company provides exceptional customer service and effective, top-notch pest control solutions. We care about our community and show appreciation for the sacrifices of our active military, firefighters, paramedics, and police by offering a 20% discount on our services. Call Miche Pest Control today to schedule an inspection.