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A Handy Cricket Prevention Guide For Homeowners

Cricket on a leaf

There aren’t too many nuisance pests that aggravate homeowners more than a cricket. It’s frustrating having to perform at your peak while working when you’ve only gotten several hours of sleep due to crickets chirping all night long. 

Fortunately, Miche Pest Control delivers the most effective pest control to quickly get rid of crickets from inside your home, allowing you to resume quiet nights. Continue reading to learn more about these disruptive insects and how enlisting the services of experienced pest experts will ensure restful nights ahead.

Why Crickets Chirp So Much

As much as they annoy you, there’s a reason behind those irritating, high-pitched chirping noises crickets make while you’re trying to get some much-needed rest at night. Male crickets annoy you with these loud sounds to attract a mate. The chirping also acts as a deterrent to keep other males from competing for the same female cricket. And when you thought that if you heard one chirping sound, you heard them all, it turns out that there’s a variety of songs crickets perform based on the outcome they’re trying to achieve. For example, there’s a calling song, a courting song, and a triumphal song. There are even songs intended to discourage other males from coming around. But when you can’t get any decent shut-eye, the last thing you care about is the mating habits of crickets.

Crickets In Your Home Can Be More Than Just Annoying

It’s bad enough when outside cricket sounds at night keep you awake, but it’s even worse when these insects get inside your house, making those loud noises. And once they hide, it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. Often, these insects come indoors to seek shelter. In other instances, some people purchase live crickets to feed to other pets as food, but they escape into the house. Whichever way crickets find their way inside your residence, it doesn’t take long for their high-pitched, screeching sounds to become annoying. Before you reach your wit’s end, give Miche Pest Control a call to schedule an appointment for an in-home evaluation. We’ll be able to locate these insects to get them out quickly.

Simple Tips To Prevent Crickets In Your Home

No homeowner wants to invite unwanted pests into their house purposely, but you may not realize that you’re inadvertently rolling out the welcome mat for them anyway. Therefore, if you want to prevent crickets from invading your home, check out our simple tips below: 

  • Swap out your standard bright, white outdoor lights for yellow ones instead.
  • Remove wood and leaf piles from your property.
  • Keep your lawn cut low.
  • Seal door and window frames.
  • Dry up any excess moisture.

It’s easy to make your home less attractive to crickets. Once you implement these tips, you’ll see an immediate reduction in insect activity. And always consult with qualified pest professionals for the most reliable cricket control.

Call The Pros For Total Cricket Control

The most frustrating task you could ever attempt is to try to get rid of crickets in your house for good. Instead of wasting time with gimmicky, do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) tricks, contact professional pest specialists with the know-how and modern resources to eliminate different types of crickets from your home. That’s the fastest way to reclaim a restful night’s sleep.

Since 2019, Miche Pest Control has helped restore the peacefulness, health, and safety of our residents’ properties. Our commitment to customer service has earned us multiple top-rated awards with thousands of 4.9 star reviews online. Our expertly trained team ensures you understand the treatment process from beginning to end. We’re here to answer any questions. Let us help you reestablish tranquility, calm, and peace in your work and living spaces. Reach out to us today, so we can get started with your estimate.