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The Safe Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Property

Rat on kitchen

Few things are worse than spotting rats on your property. These pests are known for spreading diseases, reproducing quickly, destroying food supplies, and causing large amounts of property damage. If you suspect that rats have started to invade your property, now is the time to find out if you are dealing with rats or another type of rodent, understand why rats cause property damage and spread diseases, and learn five tips to prevent future rat infestations. If you are struggling with lots of rats around your home or just a few, Miche Pest Control provides pest control you can rely on to eliminate them swiftly.

How To Tell If It's Rats Lurking Around Your Property

Could it be that you aren’t actually dealing with a rat problem? The following signs of a rat infestation can help you identify the type of rodent that has been lurking around your property:

  • Size: Rats are generally large when they reach adulthood, with long tails and big ears. They are generally brown or black.
  • Droppings: Rat droppings have tapered ends, and are usually shiny and black when fresh. They are often concentrated in specific areas rather than spread out throughout the house.
  • Aggression level: While both rats and mice are invasive, rats tend to be a lot more aggressive.
  • Smudges and trails: Rats can leave footprints and oily or dark smudge marks along their preferred path in your home.

If you suspect that rats have taken over, there is no time to waste, as they can quickly lead to property damage and increase your risk of contracting potentially life-threatening diseases.

Rats Cause Property Damage And Spread Diseases

Both mice and rats can cause problems, but rats are an even bigger problem due to the fact that they are bigger and more aggressive. Some of the diseases rats carry include salmonellosis, tularemia, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and plague. Rats can also cause significant property damage by chewing electrical wires and wooden structures, destroying food storage containers and contaminating food, digging holes in walls, and more.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Property

The best way to get rid of rats on your property is to reach out to a pest control company that can conduct a complete inspection of your home, indoors and outdoors if needed, in order to determine the best course of action. If you are struggling with a rat infestation, we can help. At Miche Pest Control, we have a full team of licensed technicians with expertise in rat control, and we proudly service our region with the most up-to-date treatments. Once your infestation is taken care of, you can then take the appropriate steps to prevent future problems.

Five Tips To Prevent Future Rat Infestations On Your Property

If you want to prevent future rat infestations on your property effectively, the following five tips can help:

  1. Keep food stored away safely: Because rats can chew through hard material including some metals, it is important to both keep food stored safely and regularly inspect storage containers for signs of damage.
  2. Fix all leaks: Like most mammals, rats need water. Fixing leaks around your home will both save you money and potentially deter rats from coming in.
  3. Fix cracks and holes: If you have cracks in your walls and foundation, now is the time to fix them. It is even more crucial to plug existing rat and mouse holes which new invaders can use as entry points. Wire mesh to keep rats out can be effective as well.
  4. Keep your kitchen and dining areas clean: Rats are often attracted to food. Keep your kitchen surfaces clean, vacuum rugs and floors regularly, and keep all garbage cans clean and tightly closed. 
  5. Schedule regular inspections: You are especially likely to be the victim of a rat infestation if you live in a big city. Regular inspections are an effective method of pest control for rats that do not require chemicals.

By using these five tips as well as treatments when needed, you can keep your household safe while preventing future infestations.

Rats are unhygienic creatures that can spread a variety of diseases as well as cause property damage. Do not let them settle into your home; contact Miche Pest Control to keep your home rat-free safely and for good.