Why Are There Fleas In My Springfield Home? 

Fleas are tiny parasitic pests that can be hard to see. Experiencing an infestation can be frustrating and infuriating, especially because you never quite know how these tiny pests got inside your home in the first place. So, if you’re wondering why there are fleas in your Springfield home, there are several things to keep in mind.
Fleas find their way into our homes in all sorts of different ways. These parasites prefer hosts with hair and fur, so they’re often brought onto your property not only by your pets but also by nuisance pests like rodents and wildlife. 
There’s also the possibility that flea eggs have been brought into your home. When fleas attach to their host, not only do they feed, but they also mate and lay eggs. These eggs fall off of the host and land throughout your property, bringing more and more of them until their populations spread into a full-blown infestation.
Fleas are found in bedding and blankets, clothing, and throughout the yard. With so many eggs all over, it’s easy for pets (and people) to pick them up and bring them inside. No matter the reason why fleas are in your home, the fact of the matter is they’re unwelcome, and it’s important to address your flea control and prevention needs. Here at Miche Pest Control, we provide year-round flea coverage that you and your loved ones can count on.

How To Recognize Flea Infestations In Springfield 

When it comes to flea infestation, it’s important to notice the problem as soon as possible. By detecting any flea activity early, you can get ahead of the problem and minimize the consequences and scope of the infestation. Here are some helpful ways to recognize flea infestation in your Springfield home or business:

  • Seeing multiple fleas hopping on furniture and curtains.

  • Household pets exhibiting excessive itching and scratching.

  • Pets that are licking and biting their fur more than usual. 

  • Flea feces left behind in fur after feeding (“flea dirt”).

  • Scabs or loss of fur on your pet, or tapeworm in their stool.

  • Flea bites on either you or your pets (red, irritated areas).

If you suspect any flea activity on your property, we highly recommend securing professional pest protection. Miche Pest Control provides local property owners with ongoing coverage from flea activity and the dangers they come with. While fleas are more prevalent in the summer months, they’re really a year-round problem. That’s why taking preventative action is the best way to go.

Just How Dangerous Are Fleas In Springfield, VA?

cat scratching fleas

A flea infestation poses real health risks to you, your family, and your pets. Pets often suffer allergic reactions to fleas, causing scabs and fur loss at the bite sites. Fleas can also cause your beloved pets to suffer from anemia due to too much blood loss. 
While fleas prefer pets as their hosts, they do sometimes bite humans as well. Though uncommon, it can cause itchiness and infection. If the host is allergic to fleas, they can suffer more severe consequences ranging from a rash to hives to full-on anaphylaxis. Not only that, but because fleas are vector pests, they have the ability to transmit diseases and bacterial infections to their hosts.
Fleas are tough to get rid of, sneaky hiding away in carpets, upholstery, curtains, and small cracks in the floor. They’re also able to jump long distances, allowing them to transfer from one hiding spot to another and last long periods of time without food. 
The presence of a few fleas can escalate into a full-on infestation in no time. As their eggs fall throughout your property, the populations spread, and the infestation worsens over time. The health threats they pose are serious, which is why you should take your flea control and prevention needs seriously. Miche Pest Control is here to tackle your flea infestation from the inside out. So, give us a call, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Why Natural Remedies Aren't Tough Enough On Fleas In Springfield 

From diatomaceous earth to powdered sulfur sprinkled around the yard, there are a lot of suggestions out there on how to deal with fleas. Some suggest using cedar chips, or herbal sprays, while others tell you to apply boric acid or dish detergent to fleas. Whatever it is, fleas are tougher than you think. Here are some reasons why:

  • Fleas have flat bodies that easily travel through the fur of their host. This makes them slick, quick, and hard to catch.

  • They have a strong exoskeleton, providing them with armored bodies that make it impossible to crush them.

  • They’re small in size and can easily hide away in upholstery, bedding, carpets.

  • They can leap away from dangers quickly, and it can take months to get rid of an infestation.

  • Unhatched eggs can be hidden around your property, and larvae may be developing in different areas.

To really understand why fleas are so hard to control, one must consider their life cycle. When a female flea lands on her host, she can lay up to 50 eggs per day. One flea can stay on its host for long periods of time, and they’re capable of laying up to 2,000 eggs in its lifetime.
The best way to eliminate a flea infestation is to enlist the assistance of pest management professionals. Contact Miche Pest Control today for all your flea control and prevention needs. We’re eager to deliver lasting results and flea freedom.


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