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Silver Spring, MD Rat Control

How To Tell If It's Rats In Your Silver Spring Home

Rodents are some of the most common invaders to the Silver Spring area — and some of the most poorly identified pests as well. Rats tend to be more active at night, which makes it difficult for homeowners to catch a proper glimpse of them. What's worse, these animals tend to move very fast. If you do happen to see a rodent scurrying around your home, it may be difficult to tell what species it may be.

So what might really be infesting your Silver Spring home: a mouse colony, or a rat nest? There may be some signs and symptoms to help you tell the difference.

  • Droppings: Perhaps one of the most telling signs that you have a rodent problem are the droppings left behind. Mouse droppings are small, no larger than a grain of rice. Rat droppings, on the other hand, are much larger, about the size of a raisin. 
  • Sounds: If you're hearing hissing or chattering sounds around the house, you may have rats rather than mice. While mice tend to make high-pitched squeaks, rats often express themselves in louder, lower tones.
  • Physical appearance: Mice are much smaller than rats. An adult mouse typically only grows to be about 4 to 6 inches in length, while an adult rat can grow to be about 10 to 12 inches long.

Even with the best resources, discerning a rat infestation from a mouse problem is much harder than it looks. If you're not sure how to tell the difference in your Silver Spring home, feel free to reach out to Miche Pest Control right away. Our technicians would be happy to assist with your Silver Spring pest control concerns.

Pest Control Near Me For Rats (Miche Pest Control)

You may be tempted to think that treatments for rats and mice are one and the same. Since they look so similar, it would stand to reason that approaches to rat and mouse management would be similarly aligned. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The differences between rats and mice are night and day, particularly when it comes to rat control. Rats and mice may be similar in form, but are nothing alike in function.

As you begin the process of searching for rat control near your home, you'll want to be sure that the program you choose is specifically targeted for species such as Norway rats, roof rats, or the particular species invading your home. Miche Pest Control offers one such program, expertly removing rats from Silver Spring homes for many years. Our technicians are fully equipped with the tools they need to succeed, backed by the Miche Pest Control satisfaction guarantee!

Don't wait a second longer to secure the rat control your home deserves. Contact Miche Pest Control for rodent relief today.

How To Exterminate Rats In Your Silver Spring Home

Rat infestations in Silver Spring quickly spiral out of control, leaving homeowners behind to pick up the pieces. As soon as you think or know that one exists in your home, it will be time to seek extermination efforts that take sanitation into consideration.

Start with these steps:

  • Document the infestation in question. Take lots of pictures related to your rat problem, and record as much evidence as possible.
  • Stay away from the area as much as possible. This will prevent you from getting physically attacked by an aggressive rat.
  • Contact an expert rat control team who can help.

If you think you may have a rat problem in your Silver Spring home, the first step is to contact a professional pest control company like Miche Pest Control. Our highly trained experts will safely remove the threat from your home using customized rat services, all with the intention of completely removing the problem from your home.

Give Miche Pest Control a call today to inquire about rat services near you.

What Silver Spring Homeowners Need To Know For Effective Rat Control

Rats are no laughing matter, and their presence in a home or business should be taken seriously by Silver Spring homeowners. As soon as any sign of a rat infestation is detected, a plan of action should be immediately put into motion. However, not every rodent control method can be considered effective. In fact, only a few have what it takes to defend and protect your property for years on end.

The most effective forms of rat control are:

  • Performed by professional experts with plenty of experience removing rat infestations
  • Focused on removing rats and keeping them away for good
  • Tailored to your specific needs as a homeowner

As any Silver Spring local could tell you, no two rat infestations are ever alike. To design the perfect control plan for the types of rats in your building, don't hesitate to reach out to the Silver Spring pest control professionals at Miche Pest Control. Our experts are here for you!

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