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Silver Spring, MD Wasp Control

Wasp Control 101: What Every Silver Spring Homeowner Needs To Know

Of all the stinging insects common to the Silver Spring area, wasps are arguably the worst of them all. These aggressive insects are not only a nuisance, but they can pose a serious threat to your family's safety. Painful stings can quickly become life-threatening issues, resulting in hospitalizations and expensive procedures.

Fortunately, there are some safe and simple methods of preventing these pests from becoming a problem in your yard:

  • Remove spills or crumbs as soon as possible, especially after an outdoor barbecue or picnic.
  • Trim back trees and bushes so that there are no low-hanging branches for wasps to build their nests.
  • Keep your garbage cans clean and free of food waste.
  • Wasps are attracted to sweet smells, so avoid using perfumes or scented lotions when outdoors.
  • If you do see a wasp nest, do not try to remove it yourself. This is best left to a professional pest control company.

If you're dealing with a wasp problem of any size, finding helping with regular pest control will be essential to getting relief. Put yourself in the best hands possible by partnering with the pros at Miche Pest Control. Help is on the way!

Everything That Attracts Wasps To Silver Spring Yards

What do wasps want? In a word: food. More specifically, they're after sweet smells that signal the presence of sugary foods or drinks. This is why you'll often see wasps hovering around fruit trees or near garbage cans.

While it's impossible to completely eliminate all attractant factors from your yard, there are some simple steps you can take to minimize wasp problems near your Silver Spring property:

  • Keep your fruit trees pruned and tidy. Regularly pick up any fallen fruit so that it doesn't have a chance to rot and attract wasps.
  • Remove sugary drinks or spills as quickly as possible. When hosting outdoor gatherings, use cups with lids to avoid attracting wasps.
  • Keep your garbage cans clean and free of food waste.
  • Wasps are also attracted to standing water, so make sure to empty any birdbaths or kiddie pools on a regular basis.

By following these simple tips, you can make your yard much less inviting to wasps and other stinging insects. But sometimes even the best prevention can fail to make a difference. Get rid of wasp problems of any size with help from the Silver Spring pest control professionals at Miche Pest Control. We have what it takes to eliminate any and all wasp species, making your Silver Spring home much safer in the process.

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Are Wasps In Silver Spring Dangerous?

All stinging insects in the Silver Spring area are dangerous, but wasps are perhaps the most dangerous of all. These pests are highly aggressive, and their stings can pose serious health risks to humans. Wasps are particularly dangerous to those who are allergic to their venom. A single sting can trigger a potentially life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis. Symptoms of anaphylaxis include swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing, and dizziness. Additionally, wasps have the ability to sting multiple times. This means that even if you're not allergic to their venom, a wasp sting can still be incredibly painful and cause serious swelling.

The best way to avoid being stung by a wasp is to avoid these pests altogether. But since this isn't always possible on your own, it's best to partner with a stinging insect control management like Miche Pest Control. Our experienced professionals have the skills and knowledge necessary to get rid of wasps quickly and efficiently.

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Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Wasps? (Silver Spring Exterminators)

Unlike dangerous DIY methods, professional pest control can be an effective way to get rid of wasps. This is because pest control companies have access to a variety of powerful pesticides and other treatments that are not available to consumers, among many other reasons.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Professional treatments. Pest control companies have access to a variety of powerful treatments that are not available to consumers. This means that they're able to eliminate wasps in record time. 
  • Expertise. Pest control companies have the experience necessary to safely and effectively apply these treatments. This is important because wasps can be aggressive, and their stings can be dangerous.
  • The right tools and equipment. Pest control companies have the right tools and equipment to safely and effectively eliminate wasps. This includes personal protective gear that wards against injury.

If you're looking for an effective and safe way to get rid of wasps, call Miche Pest Control. We have the experience and expertise necessary to quickly and efficiently eliminate wasp infestations from your Silver Spring property with our effective residential and commercial pest control services.

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