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Silver Spring, MD Tick Control

When Do Ticks Become Active Around Silver Spring?

Here in Silver Spring, ticks seem to be an ever-present danger to home and business owners. These pests are typically more active during the spring and summer months, although their resilient bodies and eggs can survive through the colder winter months as well. In Silver Spring, this usually includes the months of April through October.

Tick season poses a number of problems to people and pets alike. As the warm season progresses, you will be more and more likely to encounter a tick while in the yard or garden. They may gather in large numbers near wood piles, fallen debris, and shady areas near ponds and gardens. Deer paths, or areas where wildlife animals tend to congregate, will generally have an even larger number of ticks.

Although the tick's most active season revolves around warmer weather, home and business owners are always at risk for bites, disease, and infection. It's best to partner with Silver Spring pest control professionals like Miche Pest Control as soon as possible to mitigate potential risks. Call now for a tick control quote.

The Real Dangers Ticks Pose In Silver Spring

Before we understand the true dangers of ticks, it's important to understand exactly what they are and what they do. Ticks are small, parasitic creatures that attach themselves to the skin of unsuspecting victims. In order to feed, ticks need to bury their heads into their victim's skin to access blood. This process can take several days, during which time the tick will swell with fluids and drop off to find a new victim.

As you can imagine, this causes a number of serious problems for humans and pets alike. While feeding, ticks can transmit dangerous diseases directly into the bloodstream, resulting in nausea, allergies, inflammation, and other chronic health issues. A short list of the diseases spread by ticks includes:

  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Tularemia
  • Babesiosis

The chance of disease associated with ticks is simply not worth the risk. In fact, your chances of contracting a disease may be higher without proper tick control. The best and most efficient way to protect your family from the hazards of infection is to partner with a professional pest control company like Miche Pest Control. Contact us today to discuss your options for tick control in Silver Spring.

What To Do If Bitten By A Tick In Silver Spring

Tick bites may be extremely stressful experiences for homeowners in Silver Spring. A single tick is all it takes to spread diseases, some of which can affect you for years if not decades into the future. If you do find a tick on your body, it's important to remove it as soon as possible.

Follow these simple steps to remove the tick both quickly and safely.

  • Using a pair of tweezers, carefully grip the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull upward with a steady hand. Try not to twist or jerk the tick, as this may cause its head to break off and remain in your skin.
  • Once the tick is removed, clean the area with rubbing alcohol or soap and warm water. Wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect the tweezers with rubbing alcohol.

Remember: in the case of a tick bite, do not panic. Start by following the simple steps listed above, then call a professional exterminator such as Miche Pest Control for tick treatments. Learn more about how we can make a difference in your life with simple and affordable tick treatments.

The Complete Guide To Effective Tick Prevention In Silver Spring

As you well know, ticks are more than just a nuisance. In Silver Spring, they're known as dangerous vectors of disease that are capable of infecting both humans and animals. All it takes is a single bite for a tick to leave behind serious lifelong illnesses, something no one expects or deserves. The best way to protect your family from a tick infestation is to take proactive steps toward prevention.

Here are a few tips to help you mitigate your risks:

  • Keep your grass short and your trees trimmed. Ticks like to hide in tall grass, so keeping your lawn short is a great way to make your property less inviting.
  • Get rid of any standing water on your property. Ticks are attracted to moisture, so eliminating sources of standing water will help to keep them away.
  • Use tick repellent when spending time outside. Repellents containing DEET are particularly effective against ticks.
  • Check your pets for ticks regularly. If you have cats or dogs, be sure to check them for ticks after they've been outside.

For additional tips regarding how to manage and treat tick infestations, rely on the trained professionals at Miche Pest Control. A total inspection of your property is just a single phone call away.

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