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Silver Spring, MD Ant Control

Top Rated Ant Control Services For Homes & Businesses In Silver Spring, MD

Miche Pest Control is a top rated, family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides ant control services for homes and businesses in Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians get rid of ant infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the ants from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today!

Common Ants In Silver Spring, And How They Affect You

One of the most common pests that homeowners in Silver Spring have to deal with is the humble yet extremely frustrating ant. There are many different species of ant found locally, but the three most common in our area are pavement ants, carpenter ants, and odorous house ants. Each type of ant has its own unique behaviors and habits, but all three can be a nuisance. Here's a look at each type of ant and how they can affect you and your home:

  1. Pavement ants are small, black, have six legs, and are one of the most common types of ants found in Silver Spring. They get their name from their habit of nesting in cracks in pavement or concrete. While pavement ants are not considered to be a serious pest, they can be a nuisance. They can also bite if they feel threatened.
  2. Carpenter ants are another common type of ant found in Silver Spring. They get their name from their habit of nesting in wood, which they hollow out to create their nests. Carpenter ants can cause serious damage to your home if they are left unchecked.
  3. Odorous house ants get their name from the fact that they emit a foul odor when crushed. Odorous house ants are frustrating invaders to remove from any yard, and even harder to get rid of with DIY ant control in your house.

If you think or know that any of these ants are invading your territory, immediately reach out to the professional team at Miche Pest Control for ant control in your house. Your needs are our specialty!

Benefits Of Professional Ant Treatment For Silver Spring Homes

The benefits of having professional and local ant control services are many, especially for homeowners in the Silver Spring area. Let's take a closer look at these in greater detail:

  • Professional ant treatments will save you time and money in the long run. If you try to treat an ant problem yourself, chances are good that you won't be successful. Not only that, but you could end up wasting hours of time and hundreds of dollars on products that aren't safe for your family.
  • A professional will be able to properly identify the type of ant that is infesting your home and provide the most effective treatment for that specific type of ant.
  • A professional will be able to eliminate all the ants in your home, not just the ones that you can see. Carpenter ants, for example, can do a lot of damage to your home if left unchecked (and are difficult to locate indoors).
  • Professionals will be able to provide you with tips and advice on how to prevent ants from returning to your Silver Spring property in the future.

Whether you're struggling to manage ongoing ant control or looking to identify certain ant species, Miche Pest Control will be able to help. Our local ant control services are ready and waiting for you at any time.

Expert Advice On Ant Control For Your Silver Spring Home

As a homeowner in Silver Spring, you know there are dozens of ant species capable of invading your home and causing problems. While an online search can provide some help in terms of identification, it's rarely if ever the right resource for finding quality ant control advice. Check out this expert advice related to ant control in Silver Spring:

  • First, if you see one ant, there's a good chance there are many more where that came from.
  • Not all ant control solutions are created equal. Don't just buy something because it says "ant control" on the package.
  • If you really want to learn how to get rid of ants, get in touch with an expert provider like Miche Pest Control right away.

Get all the details about how to get rid of ants from the exterminators at Miche Pest Control.

Silver Spring Homeowner's Step-By-Step Guide To Ant Control

It's easy to start enacting some quality ant control for your Silver Spring home in just a few simple steps:

  • Keep counters and floors clean and free of food debris or spills.
  • Fix any leaky or dripping faucets, showerheads, or other fixtures to control excess moisture in your home.
  • Seal off any cracks or crevices in your foundation or around doors and windows that ants may use to access your home.
  • If you see an ant in or around your home, take a close look at it to try to identify the species.
  • Contact a professional pest control company like Miche Pest Control to discuss the problem further.

For ant control service near your home, Miche Pest Control is the obvious first choice. Get in contact with our team today to start working on a helpful solution today.

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