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Miche Pest Control is a top-rated, family-owned and operated, full-service pest control company that provides ant control services for homes and businesses in Rockville, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians get rid of bee infestations fast and work preventatively to keep the bees from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9-star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today!

Bees Play A Crucial Role In The Propagation Of Plant Life In Rockville

As many people know, bees are essential pollinators. But many may not realize just how much we rely on them! To put it into a bit of perspective, without bees, we would lose billions of dollars worth of food production in the United States alone, as most of the crops we grow to rely on bees to pollinate. 

Although they are pesky pests when they make themselves home on a residential property, we need bees, and this is why you may have noticed many efforts to protect them. Bee populations are in decline due to habitat loss, modern products used to control pests, and other factors.

It's always best to work with experts when dealing with a bee problem, as they can guide you in the right direction to protect, prevent, and control these essential insects.

Look no further than Miche Pest Control for assistance with bees and other stinging insects in Rockville.

Everything You Need To Know About Bees In Rockville

There are several types of bees you should know about in our area:

  • Honeybees are social insects with barbed stingers, meaning they can only sting once. While there are different species of honey bees, the most common is the western honey bee, a non-native species to the area with pale and dark hairs banding their abdomen and a light to the dark brown body.
  • Bumble bees are also social but live in smaller colonies of between 50 and 400 individuals. They have round hair bodies that are black and yellow but sometimes can vary to black, red, and orange. Female bumble bees have smooth stingers so that they can sting more than once, but males don't have any stingers.
  • Carpenter bees look very similar to bumble bees but are solitary and not social, so they live alone rather than with a colony. Compared to bumble bees, carpenter bees have a smooth abdomen.
  • Sweat bees can vary, with some species being social and others being solitary. They have a metallic look and slender bodies, a smooth stinger, and get their name from being attracted to perspiration. 

No matter what type of bee you are dealing with in Rockville, you can rely on local pest control from Miche Pest Control! Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Will Pest Control Get Rid Of Bees? (Rockville Exterminators)

Professional pest control services are the best way to handle any bees on your Rockville property. With Miche Pest Control, we begin with a home pest inspection to identify the various critters causing you issues and determine the best action to eliminate them. 

We also recommend that you use these prevention tips to reduce the likelihood of attracting bees:

  • Flowers in your yard: Reduce the number of colorful flowers and plant basil, mint, marigolds, citronella, geraniums, and wormwood as they have shown to repel bees. 
  • Water: Reduce the number of water sources in your yard by removing bird baths and filling in holes where puddles collect.
  • Nesting Sites: Reduce nesting sites by removing woodpiles and fallen trees, keeping garbage cans closed, filling in ground holes, maintaining trees and foliage, and inspecting the exterior of your home for places where bees can get inside and build nests in the walls.

For more tips and assistance with bees, ask our experts at Miche Pest Control!

How Bad Is It To Have Bees On My Rockville Property?

Bees on your property can be unpleasant, depending on your outlook. Many people look to attract bees using different flowers because they are essential to pollination, but others find their presence annoying. 

Bees are relatively docile compared to other types of stinging insects and leave people alone unless they feel threatened. But homes with pets and children usually have more to be concerned about because they can easily bother a bee's nests without knowing, putting them in danger of being stung.

And for people allergic to a bee's sting, having these insects live close by can be very dangerous as a sting can result in anaphylaxis if not treated immediately. If you are unsure whether you or someone else is allergic to this pest, keep a close eye on your symptoms and seek medical attention if anything other than mild pain and swelling at the sting site occurs.

Another issue people may have with bees is the damage they can cause, especially when it comes to carpenter bees boring into wood. Although carpenter bees are much less destructive than other wood-destroying insects, they can still create unsightly and expensive damage. 

Whether you are worried about bees because of their stings or don't want them living too close to your home, you can work with Miche Pest Control for the residential pest control services you need.

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