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Tick Control In Lorton VA

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Tick Control Services In Lorton VA

Miche Pest Control is a family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides tick control services for homes and businesses in Lorton VA and the surrounding areas. Our expert tick exterminators get rid of tick infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the ticks from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today or book online!

Comprehensive Tick Control For Lorton, VA

Whether you're hitting the links at the Pohick Golf Course, exploring the trails at Mason Neck State Park, or simply enjoying your backyard, it's essential to be mindful of ticks in Lorton. With growing populations and the potential to spread various tick-borne illnesses, ticks are one pest you will want to avoid at all costs. Luckily, the experts at Miche Pest Control can help you get rid of ticks on your property.

Ticks like to hide in grassy outdoor areas waiting for a host to walk by. Often mosquitoes and fleas do the same. At Miche Pest Control, we provide monthly tick, flea, and mosquito control services to keep your property free of these biting pests. Our services include yard fogging and larvicide with high quality products that are safe for your family and pets while effective against ticks and other pests. With a multi-layered approach, you'll see an immediate effect in the population of ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas on your property that lasts into the future. If you have issues between visits, we will return between regular services at no extra cost. Call today to find out more or schedule your first service.

Are Ticks In Lorton, VA Dangerous?

Ticks are perhaps one of the most feared pests in Lorton because of the illnesses that they’re associated with. That said, not all species of ticks are associated with every health risk, and not all ticks are carriers of the pathogens that can lead to these dangers. For example, the deer tick is the type of tick that is affiliated with Lyme disease; however, not every deer tick in Lorton is a carrier of the bacteria that causes Lyme. The brown dog tick is commonly responsible for Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but only a fraction of this tick population can actually spread these pathogens. To make matters worse, it’s impossible to know simply by looking at a tick whether or not it’s carrying the bacteria that is associated with each individual illness.

At Miche Pest Control, we take no chances when it comes to ticks, which is why we provide seasonal tick control that follows a multi-step approach and that comes guaranteed. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

Guide To Avoiding Ticks In Lorton, VA

Sighting ticks is a regular occurrence in Lorton, especially during the spring, summer, and even early fall. In order to avoid them no matter the season, try the following tips:

  • Treat pets. One of the most common ways that ticks spread to properties is via cats and dogs. Consider speaking with a veterinarian about year-round preventive flea and tick measures, limit playing with unknown dogs, and always perform a thorough tick check after a pet has been outdoors.
  • Protect yourself. While spending time outside, apply EPA-approved products like DEET, opt for light-colored clothing, and wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Prior to returning home, check hair, behind the kneecaps, and underneath the armpits for the presence of ticks.
  • Maintain a neat property. The quality of a yard is very closely related to whether or not ticks can thrive in it. Be sure to keep the lawn short by mowing often, clear all fallen branches and leaf piles, avoid overwatering, and trim back harborage areas to expose more sunlight and reduce shade.
  • Limit other animals. Another very common host for ticks is wildlife, like raccoons and squirrels. In order to keep these pests away, opt for motion sensor lights and sprinklers, keep garbage that’s stored outside secured, and limit grubs and other yard pests.

For the ultimate tick control, contact Miche Pest Control today.

How Does Professional Tick Control In Lorton, VA, Work?

Between the months of March and October, the ticks in Lorton are very active, with the height of their activity falling over the summer and early fall. Because they’re parasites, it can make their ability to access and spread around properties a fairly easy process. At Miche Pest Control, we look to stop ticks in their tracks by providing the highest quality and most comprehensive tick control in the area. Our system is simple and streamlined to offer maximum protection with minimal fuss. All of the treatments that we utilize are focused on the exterior of the home, so this can be done without interrupting anyone’s day.

We always begin by dispatching one of our expertly trained technicians to a property for a full inspection. This allows us to understand where ticks may be hiding and the extent of their population, present or potential. From there, we blend together yard fogging, larvicide applications, and routine maintenance in order to get rid of adult ticks while simultaneously preventing young ticks from developing. We tend to every hidden corner of a property during these applications and do so approximately every three to four weeks in order to ensure complete protection. To learn more about these tick control services, contact Miche Pest Control today.

Why You Should Choose Miche Pest Control For Tick Control In Lorton, VA

The ticks in Lorton can pose some very serious threats to the health of residents and their pets, making professional protection from them an absolute necessity. At Miche Pest Control, we’re locals ourselves, so we understand your precise needs and the environment that you face. Our tick control methods follow a seasonal schedule to provide complete coverage during peak tick activity.

To begin, our expert technicians always provide a detailed inspection of your property to fully understand the scope of your property and what particular areas ticks may be drawn to. From there, we combine larvicide applications, yard fogging, and residual control on a monthly basis in order to provide maximum coverage and stop issues before they even develop. We address every nook and cranny of your property too, not just the perimeter or occasional hedge. By using this unique blend of techniques and products, we’re able to produce results that work rain or shine. Because everything that we use is also EPA-registered, you can rest assured that none of our treatments will be harmful to adults, children, pets, or the environment. To learn more about our guaranteed tick control, contact Miche Pest Control today.

Lorton VA

Lorton is a census-designated place (CDP) in Fairfax County, Virginia. Lorton is named for a village in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, in England. Joseph Plaskett of the Cumbrian village settled in southern Fairfax County, running a general store and opening the Lorton Valley Post Office on November 11, 1875. Before the identity of Lorton, the commercial center was Colchester, and the spiritual and historical center of the community around which the leading citizens of the time revolved was Pohick Church, where George Washington and George Mason were at times members of the vestry.

Lorton is located in southern Fairfax County, bordered to the west by Laurel Hill, to the north by Newington, to the east by Fort Belvoir, to the southeast by Mason Neck, and to the southwest by Woodbridge in Prince William County. US Route 1 (Richmond Highway) and Interstate 95 pass through Lorton, leading northeast 15 miles to Alexandria and 19 miles to Washington DC, and south 34 miles to Fredericksburg.

Historic landmarks in the areas surrounding Lorton include Gunston Hall, George Mason's home; Belvoir, which was William Fairfax's home; the Market; and now the Fort Belvoir Army Corps of Engineers base and Cranford Church. Woodlawn Plantation and Mount Vernon, the latter being George Washington's home on the Potomac River, lie farther to the east.

Nearby Cities:

Woodbridge VA (3 miles), Springfield VA (6 miles), Fairfax VA (11 miles), Alexandria VA (12 miles), Falls Church VA (13 miles), Arlington VA (14 miles), Manassas VA (14 miles), Washington DC (17 miles), Herndon VA (20 miles), Bethesda MD (21 miles), Hyattsville MD (23 miles), Silver Spring MD (23 miles), Ashburn VA (27 miles), Rockville MD (27 miles), Upper Marlboro MD (27 miles), Fredericksburg VA (30 miles), Gaithersburg MD (30 miles), Bowie MD (32 miles), Laurel MD (34 miles), Leesburg VA (34 miles), Columbia MD (40 miles), Annapolis MD (44 miles), Ellicott City MD (45 miles), Frederick MD (50 miles), Baltimore MD (52 miles)

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