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Top Rated Flea Control Services For Homes & Businesses In Laurel, MD

Miche Pest Control is a top rated, family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides flea control services for homes and businesses in Laurel, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians get rid of flea infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the fleas from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online – call today!

Quality Flea Control In Laurel, MD

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Fleas can be a troubling pest when you live in Laurel. They attach themselves to hosts, which can be a variety of options. Sometimes fleas get transported via wildlife animals, while other times they opt for your family pets or even your personal belongings. Once fleas get inside your home, they usually go undetected because of their size, where they lay eggs, and where they prefer to feed. Your pets are their preferred food source because fleas can usually enjoy their meals without getting disturbed, but this can cause serious health issues that you’ll want to avoid. Preventing fleas can also be a challenge because of the variety of ways that they insert themselves into your life. 

At Miche Pest Control, we provide pest control in Laurel, MD that you can trust. If you’re ready for a reliable solution to fleas, please call us today. And for more information on these pests and the ramifications that they cause, we hope that the following guide offers some insight. 

How To Identify A Flea Infestation In Laurel

Flea infestations are notoriously difficult to identify because of the size of fleas. People often mistake them for other pests or even dirt, and it’s not uncommon to need a magnifying glass to spot them. That said, here are a few ways that people might be able to determine if there’s a flea problem in their homes:

  • Finding actual fleas, which are usually appleseed-shaped and amber in color before they’ve eaten

  • Cats and dogs that are itching a lot or that are lethargic

  • Flea dirt, which is fecal matter that looks like specks of dirt or pepper flakes

  • Getting bites around knees, feet, and ankles

  • Finding egg sacs planted in the crevices of carpeting and rugs or upholstery

  • Noticing fleas around animals, their bedding, and other parts of the home

The signs of a flea problem can be subtle but with a little help, sussing them out is possible. To learn more about flea infestation signs in Laurel, call the pros at Miche Pest Control. 

What Health Problems Can A Flea Infestation Create In Laurel?

The fleas that invade homes around Laurel are a significant issue because of the health issues that they’re associated with. Fleas are parasitic pests that feast on warm blood and they prefer family cats and dogs. They may also attempt to feed on people; however, this is not their ideal food source. Fleas are capable of latching onto a cat or dog and feeding until they consume 15 times their body weight in blood. Extensive feedings can leave pets with anemia due to severe blood loss. Flea bites can also leave pets with irritated skin that pets scratch constantly, a side effect of which is secondary skin infections and hair loss. 

Fleas are also associated with the spread of murine typhus, tapeworms, and bartonellosis. When people fall ill after getting flea bites, it usually happens if they were bitten by an infected flea that left behind flea dirt. Once their feces gets into an open wound, they can spread those pathogens. For more information on flea infestation control, call Miche Pest Control today. 

Easy And Effective Flea Prevention Tips For Your Laurel Home

In order to keep fleas away from your Laurel home, try these quick and effective tips:

  • Talk to a vet. Your pets are one of the most preferable hosts for fleas so talk to your vet about year-round flea control. You’ll also want to inspect pets after they’ve been outdoors. 
  • Limit wildlife presence. Animals such as raccoons, rodents, and skunks may also be carriers of fleas, so try to keep them away. You can turn on porch lights at night, set up decoy animals, and be diligent about trash storage and removal.
  • Create an inhospitable environment. Because fleas prefer conditions that are dark, moist, and shady, you can work to make your yard the opposite of these things. Start by mowing grass often, getting rid of yard debris, and clearing away any puddles or standing water sources. 
  • Work with a professional. If you want trustworthy protection from fleas and a reliable way to eliminate them if they become a problem, consider services from a professional pest control company. 

For more information on flea control in Laurel, call Miche Pest Control today. 

The Best Way To Completely Eliminate A Flea Infestation In Laurel

When it comes to getting rid of your flea problems, there’s no solution more reliable than professional services from Miche Pest Control. We are the trusted flea experts in Laurel because we have the training, expertise, and tools that are necessary for these situations. We provide detailed home inspections to understand the scope of your flea invasions and also to determine how they became an issue. Our technicians make the necessary treatment applications so that you can have complete peace of mind.

Because we are a solution-oriented company that is focused on prevention, we will always make sure that our customers have the required information on ways to reduce flea activity and supplement our services. To learn more about flea removal, call us today. 

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