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Wasp Control In Herndon VA

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Wasp Control Services In Herndon VA

Miche Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest control company that provides residential and commercial wasp control services in Herndon VA. Our expert wasp exterminators get rid of wasp infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep wasps from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today or book online!

Wasp Exterminator Serving Herndon VA

Miche Pest Control uses an integrated approach that employs a variety of effective and efficient methods to control wasps found in Herndon VA and the surrounding areas. Our integrated program includes using:

  • Inspection – determining what is needed to provide an effective wasp control solution.
  • Documentation – explaining the specifics of the overall control plan, as well as the importance, findings and results of not only the initial inspection, but regularly scheduled follow-up services as well.
  • Education – explaining the behavior, diet and habitat of wasps and how this information will be helpful to the homeowner.
  • Cultural controls – recommending modifications to the area around the home or business to reduce the number of sites that are suitable for wasps to nest.
  • Exclusion – reducing potential entry points for wasps to get inside the structure.
  • Sanitation – keeping the area clean and efficiently reducing access to the wasp’s sources of food.
  • Extermination – using the best methods possible, considering safety and effectiveness.

For more information or to schedule an inspection, please contact your local Miche Pest Control office.

Why Wasps Invade Yards In Herndon

It’s obviously unpleasant to find out that wasps have been using your yard as their personal hang-out spot. They’ve seemingly come out of nowhere, and it’s frustrating to think you have no control over the situation. It’s normal to wonder why they’ve decided to invade your yard in the first place, and there are many attractants to consider around your property.

Wasps build their nests in remote areas around your yard in Herndon VA like sheds, garages, and wall cavities, looking for places to overwinter. Not only are they seeking a suitable nesting site, but they’re also attracted to other things in your yard, such as food sources and certain scents. Sweet food sources around like juice, fruit, and compost grab their attention as well. They’re also drawn to sweet scents and odors like perfumes, soaps, and colognes.

The smartest thing you can do for year-round protection from wasps is reaching out to your local pest professionals. Miche Pest Control is here to address your wasp control and prevention needs. We work hard to develop a customized treatment plan for your Herndon property, treating your yard so that wasps stay away throughout the year. Contact us today!

The Secret To Keeping Wasps Away From Your Herndon Property

There are many ways to be proactive in your wasp control efforts and take preventative measures in the best way to protect your Herndon property. Here are some helpful tips for keeping wasps away from your Herndon home or business:

  • Cover up holes in the ground with cement or grass.
  • Dispose of trash and clean spills right when they happen.
  • Keep garbage in tightly sealed cans and cover any compost piles.
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed and well-maintained.
  • Look out for wasp nests in sheds, garages, wall cavities, etc.
  • Maintain your garden and do not overplant flowering plants.
  • Reduce access to food and never leave food (human and pet) outside.
  • Use wasp-repelling plants such as wormwood, marigold, mint, basil, and geranium.
  • Utilize caulking to seal cracks and crevices around the porch.
  • When possible, keep all doors and windows closed.

For guaranteed protection from wasps and other stinging insects, the best thing to do is secure professional pest control services. Here at Miche Pest Control, we provide effective wasp removal services that home and business owners can rely on throughout the year. Call today to get started.

What To Do About A Wasp Nest In Your Herndon Backyard

Wasps are most active in the warm summer months; however, they can be a problem all year long. As wasps prepare for the colder months, they look for somewhere to build their nests and overwinter for the season. Wasps nest can often be found in the eaves of your house, along the fencing, under tree branches, or the open ends of a pipe.

If you detect a wasp nest in your Herndon backyard, the most important thing to remember is that wasps are dangerous, and they sting repeatedly. That’s why you shouldn’t attempt to remove an active nest on your own. It’s perilous and can cause severe reactions, especially when you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

That’s why we suggest reaching out to your local pest professionals. Miche Pest Control is proud to offer effective wasp removal services that protect your backyard from wasps. First, we do a thorough inspection to identify all nests and active areas. Then, we treat problem areas and monitor the property continuously. Reach out today to learn more about our wasp solutions.

Herndon VA

Herndon is a town in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the Washington DC metropolitan area. It is the largest of three incorporated towns in Fairfax County. The actual dimensions of the town of Herndon are fairly small. However, the United States Post Office treats nearby unincorporated communities in northwestern Fairfax County as part of a Greater Herndon region, including Dranesville, Floris, Franklin Farm, McNair, and Oak Hill. Just over two acres of land in the town are technically in Loudoun County.

Herndon is part of the Dulles Technology Corridor, which Fortune magazine named the "Netplex" because of the presence of the headquarters of such companies as AOL, XO Communications, K12 (company), Verizon Business (formerly MCI, formerly WorldCom, originally UUNET), and Network Solutions, which began as the INTERNIC – the registry where every domain name was once administered. Some of those companies are within Herndon. Others have Herndon mailing addresses, but are located in unincorporated Fairfax or Loudoun counties; for example, south of the Dulles Toll Road.

Herndon contains the Herndon Depot Museum, the site of "Mosby's Raid on Herndon Station", which was a Civil War skirmish that took place on St. Patrick's Day, 1863. Also within the town is The Herndon Centennial Golf Course, the Herndon ArtSpace (a community art gallery), community center with basketball and racquetball courts and multiple baseball fields, and an aquatic center. Adjacent to the community center is Bready Park, with indoor tennis courts. Additionally, every residence within the town borders is within a mile or less of a public park. Herndon is home to a professional live theatre, NextStop Theatre, which produces a variety of plays, musicals, concerts, and educational theatre programming each season.

Nearby attractions include the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum (which houses the Enola Gay B-29 Superfortress, a Concorde supersonic passenger airplane, an SR-71A Blackbird plane and the Space Shuttle Discovery), Frying Pan Farm Park, Sully Plantation, Reston Town Center, Mount Vernon, Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, Colvin Run Mill, Aldie Mill, Oatlands Plantation, Manassas National Battlefield Park and the Washington and Old Dominion Trail (which runs through the town).

The primary highway serving Herndon is Virginia State Route 228 and its truck route. SR 228 heads directly through the center of town via Elden Street, Monroe Street, Park Avenue and Dranesville Road. SR 228 Truck diverges from Elden Street southwest of downtown on Herndon Parkway, following that road northwestward, northward and northeastward around central Herndon, finally reaching Dranesville Road north of downtown. At the south end of town, SR 228 meets Virginia State Route 267, a high speed, high-capacity toll road which provides access to Washington, D.C. (via Interstate 66) and Washington Dulles International Airport.

Nearby Cities:

Ashburn VA (7 miles), Fairfax VA (10 miles), Falls Church VA (13 miles), Leesburg VA (14 miles), Rockville MD (15 miles), Bethesda MD (16 miles), Gaithersburg MD (16 miles), Manassas VA (16 miles), Springfield VA (16 miles), Arlington VA (17 miles), Silver Spring MD (19 miles), Washington DC (19 miles), Alexandria VA (22 miles), Woodbridge VA (23 miles), Hyattsville MD (24 miles), Laurel MD (30 miles), Frederick MD (31 miles), Columbia MD (32 miles), Bowie MD (33 miles), Upper Marlboro MD (36 miles), Ellicott City MD (38 miles), Fredericksburg VA (46 miles), Baltimore MD (47 miles), Annapolis MD (48 miles)

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