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Great Falls, VA Mouse Control

Here's Why It Is So Hard To Get Mice Out Of Your Great Falls Home

If you’ve ever had mice in your Great Falls home and wondered why they’re so hard to get rid of, you’re not alone. These pests might be small but they are mighty in their determination to gain access to what they desire most: food, water, and shelter. Your home most likely offers mice all of these factors without even trying, so if a mouse locates any combination of them, they are very unlikely to move out. Additionally, mice can prove to be so tricky to evict because of their reproductive habits. Once mice have moved into your home, they are capable of producing between five and 14 litters of pups over the course of a year, and on the high side, that can amount to 120 pups. The DIY methods that many homeowners turn to are ineffective and don’t address the entirety of an infestation, either.

At Miche Pest Control, we seek to provide homeowners with the most reliable mouse control available. Our methods include installing tamper-proof bait stations, sealing up entry points with exclusion, and tending to properties on a bi-monthly basis in order to ensure that they’re functioning properly. For more information on mouse control, contact us today.

Real Solution For Mice In Great Falls

Mice enter the properties of Great Falls and cause complete chaos. Whether it’s the parasitic pests that they bring with them, the property damage that they’re capable of, or the health risks that they’re associated with, mice pose a serious problem for anyone who has to encounter them. Mice are particularly difficult to get rid of because they adapt to the schedules of individuals, hide out of sight from humans in general, and reproduce at alarmingly high rates. While it’s very common for the average property owner to try DIY methods of mouse control, these tools often fall short and do not produce results. 

For the property owner who is looking for a secure solution to mice, look no further than Miche Pest Control. Our process always begins with a detailed property inspection in order to assess current activity and potential points of entry. From there, we place tamper-proof bait stations and seal up entry points with exclusion methods. We perform maintenance every two months in order to ensure a mouse-proof living environment no matter the time of year, but if mice do appear, we’ll re-service a property until the problem has been completely resolved. For more information, contact us today. 

What Makes Mice In Great Falls So Hard To Get Rid Of?

Great Falls property owners who have dealt with mouse problems know how difficult they are to get rid of. Mice are particularly in search of a steady source of food and water as well as warm shelter once the conditions outside begin to shift. Once they have found these things, mice are very unlikely to ever leave. Unfortunately, many property owners continue to give mice these things without even knowing that they have an infestation. Additionally, mice tend to live in places where humans either rarely go or cannot access. This usually means inside walls and crawl spaces, in the basement or attic, or in the depths of cabinets. Due to their reproductive habits, mice can produce up to 120 pups per year, so infestations are often much larger than individuals give them credit for.

At Miche Pest Control, we tackle mice head-on, with reliable mouse control. We always begin with a meticulous property inspection and then fill points of entry with long-lasting exclusionary products and strategically place tamper-resistant bait stations. Every two months, we assess our customer’s properties and replace any bait that is missing. To learn more about mouse control, contact us today.

Mouse Prevention Tips For Great Falls Homeowners

Mice are frequent visitors to Great Falls homes but they don’t have to be. Try these tips to prevent them from becoming an issue:

  • Apply materials like silicone-based caulk, sheet metal, wire mesh, and steel wool to cracks and crevices around the home. Any opening that’s at least the size of a dime should be addressed. 
  • Check for leaks often, paying special attention to gutters, faucets, bathtubs, showerheads, and pipes. If any of these items are troublesome, fix them immediately. 
  • Be conscientious about storing food by always using airtight containers and avoiding leaving any food uncovered for an extended period of time. 
  • Keep your home clean by taking out the trash regularly, not allowing dishes to pile up, vacuuming routinely, removing all clutter like old magazines and stacks of paper, and cleaning up when food spills or produces crumbs. 
  • Maintain well-ventilated crawl spaces, basements, and attics. 
  • Call a pest control professional for ongoing protection from mice and other rodents. 

At Miche Pest Control, we focus on providing homeowners with the most reliable mouse control available. Our protocol consists of property inspections, installing tamper-proof bait stations, and sealing up openings with exclusion. This works to both remove current mouse problems and prevent new ones. With six services throughout the year, we’re able to guarantee that mice are no longer a problem. For more information on these services, contact us today. 

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