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Flea Control Services In Great Falls VA

Miche Pest Control is a family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides residential and commercial flea control services for homes and businesses in Great Falls VA and the surrounding areas. Our expert flea exterminators get rid of flea infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the fleas from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today or book online!

Comprehensive Flea Control For Great Falls, VA

There's no shortage of outdoor spaces to bring your pets to in Great Falls, VA. And there's no shortage of fleas here either! Due in part to our temperate climate, fleas in Great Falls are active year-round, providing no relief to residents whether they are pet owners or not. 

At Miche Pest Control, we treat both residential and commercial properties with specialized flea, mosquito, and tick treatment solutions. Not only can we eliminate fleas in your home or business, but we will also treat the areas they may be using outside to breed – breaking their life cycle and ensuring that you don't have to worry about infestations coming back. Call today to get your free quote or go online to book your first appointment.

How You May Be Underestimating Fleas In Great Falls   

Fleas are tiny parasites that are barely visible to most residents in Great Falls without the help of glasses or a magnifying glass. Their small stature leads many people to overlook them as a serious threat; however, once they’ve gotten into your home, they can be hard to get rid of. The average female flea can lay upwards of 40 eggs each day completely unbeknownst to you. They do this in sneaky areas around the house, like inside carpets and rugs or even inside piles of clothes in your closet. If a flea is able to find you or your pets, they will feed off of their host until they are satiated. This can lead to the spread of tapeworms, tularemia, and other illnesses quite easily. Fleas are not a pest to be underestimated, but rather, a very serious one with big health implications. 

To learn more about protecting your household with flea control, contact Miche Pest Control today. 

Why Professional Treatment For Flea Problems Is Worth It In Great Falls

Professional flea control is one of the best investments that Great Falls homeowners and businesses can make in both their health and their properties. Fleas are nearly impossible to spot with the naked eye, which makes detecting an infection tremendously difficult. They may be taking up shelter in a home or place of business and individuals may not even be aware. Their choice of where to lay their eggs also makes detecting an infestation very difficult. Whether it’s a dog bed in a household or a carpet in a hotel, fleas look for upholstered fabrics as the ideal place to nest. This fact also perpetuates their ability to continue feeding off of pets and people.

Professional flea control is the most reliable method of eradicating an entire infestation in all of these hard-to-spot and hard-to-identify locations. The assistance of a professional is also completely necessary because it is the swiftest way to avoid the health risks that are associated with having fleas. These parasites spread bacteria that lead to tularemia, cat scratch disease, tapeworms, and murine typhus. These are chances that are simply not worth the risk. For more information on trusted flea control, contact Miche Pest Control. 

Why Now Is The Right Time For Flea Prevention Around Your Great Falls Home

When flea problems happen in your Great Falls home, the ramifications can be very serious. To start, if you have any pets, fleas are a big risk to their health. Fleas prioritize feeding off of their blood in order to survive and the process can lead to illnesses like anemia, cat scratch disease, and tularemia, as well as hair loss and skin infections. Their ability to latch onto your pets within five minutes and feed off of them for nearly three hours can create a toxic cycle for the health of your pets. Additionally, fleas will bite humans, also potentially leading to cat-scratch fever and skin infections that come from excessive itching.

Once fleas have taken up shelter in your home, locating their infestations and eradicating them is a very difficult task. The female flea can lay anywhere between 40 and 50 eggs per day and nearly 2,000 during her lifetime, which can turn a small problem into a much larger one easily. What makes flea infestations so difficult is also where they take place. Fleas tend to lay their eggs in upholstered areas like dog beds, sofas, mattresses, and event carpets and rugs. With professional flea control from Miche Pest Control, you can avoid the dangers that come with infestations and keep everyone in your home safe. Don’t wait for a problem to erupt; contact us today for more information on flea control that you can trust. 

Answering Great Falls' Most Commonly Asked Flea Questions

Flea problems abound in Great Falls and the average resident may have a lot of unanswered questions about these pests. Here are the most commonly asked questions about fleas:

  • What do fleas look like? Unfortunately, fleas are hard to spot without the help of a magnifying glass, which can make identifying them all the more difficult. They tend to be amber to dark brown in coloring, are flat in appearance, have six legs, and an oblong body with a pronounced head. They can also be properly identified by their hopping movements.
  • Are they dangerous? As a parasite, a flea's main priority is to feed off of the warm blood of animals. They are capable of feeding off pets for two and half hours consecutively, which can lead to the spread of tapeworms and anemia. Fleas are generally less interested in humans; however, they will still bite, which can cause secondary skin infections.
  • How did I get fleas? Cats and dogs are a very common spreader of flea problems; however, they can also take advantage of rodents, wildlife, and secondhand furniture, and jump between shared walls of apartment buildings and hotel rooms.
  • What’s the safest way to get rid of fleas? Due to the hard-to-reach nature of flea infestations and the scope of them, the most reliable method of flea removal is help from your local pest professional.

For safe and effective flea control, contact Miche Pest Control today. 

Great Falls VA

Great Falls is a census-designated place (CDP) in Fairfax County, Virginia. Located on Virginia State Route 7 in Northern Virginia, Great Falls is 15 miles west-northwest of downtown Washington DC and 10.5 miles north of Fairfax, the county seat. Early farm settlements began to form in the area as early as the late 1700s. Early on, the village was known as Forestville (unofficially, since there was already a Forestville with a Post Office), but was named Great Falls in 1955. CNNMoney ranked Great Falls first in the nation on its list of "top earning towns" in 2011.

Great Falls lies in the Piedmont upland on the right bank of the Potomac River. The river forms the northern and eastern border of the CDP, and several of its tributaries flow north and east through the CDP. From north to south, these include Nichols Run, Clarks Branch, and Difficult Run. Difficult Run forms the southeastern border of the CDP. Two of its tributaries, Captain Hickory Run and Piney Run, flow southeast through the southern part of the CDP. The Great Falls of the Potomac River, the community's namesake, are on the east side of the CDP.

As a suburb of Washington DC, Great Falls is a part of both the Washington Metropolitan Area and the larger Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. It is bordered on all sides by other Washington suburbs, including: Darnestown and Travilah, Maryland to the north, Potomac, Maryland to the east, McLean to the southeast, Wolf Trap to the south, Reston and Dranesville to the southwest, Sterling to the west, and Lowes Island to the northwest.

Although Great Falls is primarily a bedroom community for Washington DC, one major attraction is Great Falls Park which overlooks the Great Falls of the Potomac River, for which the community and the park are named. George Washington was involved with building a canal around the falls on the southwest, or Virginia, side, called the Patowmack Canal, which did not become commercially viable. Remnants of the canal and of a village around the canal named Matildaville are still visible in the park. The Great Falls and Old Dominion Railroad extended along Old Dominion Drive to Great Falls Park in 1906.

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