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Frederick, MD Silverfish Control

Top Rated Silverfish Control Services For Homes & Businesses In Frederick MD

Miche Pest Control is a top rated, family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides silverfish control services for homes and businesses in Frederick MD and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians get rid of silverfish infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the silverfish from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today!

Comprehensive Silverfish Control For Frederick, MD

The temperate climate in Frederick is great for us, but it's also ideal for silverfish and other pests. These pests are common across Maryland and will hide in damp locations, often outside. Still, with colder weather on the horizon, they will begin seeking ways inside Frederick's homes and businesses, and when they do, they will eat anything from dry goods to clothes, books, and wallpaper. You can help protect your home and belongings with help from Miche Pest Control. 

At Miche Pest Control, we will treat your home for silverfish and other common pests, and we can also help you identify ways these intruders are getting inside so that you can keep future pests away. With our regular commercial or home pest control plans, you won't have to worry about silverfish or other pests around your Frederick home or business. Call today to schedule a visit or ask about our pest free guarantee!

Is My Frederick Home At Risk For Silverfish?

Silverfish are one of those pests that Frederick homeowners don’t think about until they are invading your home in large numbers, creating a frightening sight. It is important to understand what attracts silverfish if you want a chance to ensure your home isn’t at risk for invasions of this silvery insect.

Items that may attract a silverfish infestation include:

  • Moisture or drainage issues around your property will bring silverfish. They love damp, humid areas and leaks or other pools of excess water.
  • Cluttered areas with starchy items to chew on, such as storage boxes full of clothing or books, serve as a prime food source for silverfish that invade your home.
  • Dirty dishes left out can attract silverfish through their aroma and bring this pest inside your home.
  • Cracks around your home’s windows, door, or foundation encourage this pest to slip inside in pursuit of food or moist hiding areas.

If you suspect your Frederick home is at risk for silverfish, you should take steps to remove the factors that attract this pest. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Miche Pest Control for more information.

Why Are Silverfish In My Frederick Home?

When silverfish invade your Frederick home, they are likely pursuing one of the three essentials – food, water, or shelter. Moisture issues around your property are among the most significant drawing cards for bringing this pest inside. Easy access to cluttered areas, plenty of books or fabrics to chew on, dirty dishes, or secluded, dark spaces can all contribute to silverfish appearing in your home.

Alternatively, silverfish may appear in your home by accident. Often this happens when you have cracks around your home’s windows, doors, or foundation, and the silverfish slips inside out of convenience. Doors and windows are frequently left open, crawl spaces that lead into your home, and gaps around utility areas can also provide accessible locations for silverfish to invade. It is essential to seal up these areas if you want to keep silverfish out and decrease your chances of picking up a silverfish infestation.

Contact Miche Pest Control for more information about silverfish and how this pest commonly infiltrates Frederick's homes.

Are Silverfish In Frederick Dangerous?

Even though silverfish can look frightening with their long silvery bodies, antennae, and appendages trailing off their abdomen, they are not particularly dangerous to humans. This insect is unlikely to bite and has no poison or venom to pass on. They may cause allergic reactions in specific individuals via their presence, but this is rare. Silverfish will not attack and are not particularly aggressive; they prefer to hide rather than confront a human threat.

Silverfish can be pretty dangerous to the items in your home. This insect loves to chew and feed on starchy items, which means clothing, fabrics, upholstery, books, and more are all at risk of being damaged as an infestation of silverfish chews their way through them. Silverfish may also eat grains, meaning your stored food and pantry areas are at risk of being damaged or contaminated by this pest.

Professional silverfish extermination is the best way to address this pest and ensure that the problems silverfish infestations bring don’t become uncontrollable. You should reach out to Miche Pest Control immediately if you suspect an active silverfish infestation on your property.

Frederick's Ultimate Silverfish Prevention Guide

If you want to know how to get rid of silverfish for good, your starting point should be implementing tactics to deter infestations. You can do this by following these expert silverfish prevention tips:

  • Seal potential silverfish entry points around your property by caulking cracks around windows, doors, the foundation of your property, and areas around crawl spaces or utility lines that lead inside.
  • Utilize window and door screens in addition to weather stripping to keep silverfish out of interior areas. You should also keep exterior doors and windows closed when possible.
  • Address moisture issues, leaks, and drainage problems that lead to damp areas and pools of excess water inside and outside your property, as these are significant factors in attracting silverfish.
  • Never leave out dirty dishes to prevent the aroma and the food from attracting hungry silverfish.
  • Consider using plastic, airtight containers for stored items like books and clothing in pantry areas to prevent silverfish from easily infiltrating and munching on them.

Additionally, you should be contacting Miche Pest Control for help removing any silverfish infestation around your property. Only our expert technicians can ensure the removal of populations of this pest and that your home is safe from the many problems that a silverfish infestation can bring.

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