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Hornet Control In Frederick, MD

Top Rated Hornet Control Services For Homes & Businesses In Frederick MD

Miche Pest Control is a top-rated, family-owned and operated, full-service pest control company that provides hornet control services for homes and businesses in Frederick, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians get rid of hornet infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the hornets from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9-star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today!

How Dangerous Are Frederick's Hornets?

Hornets are a type of wasp with stinging risks due to their aggressive nature and ability to sting repeatedly. In Maryland, there is only one type of wasp you need to keep an eye out for, the European hornet. The European hornet is large with a yellow and brown coloration; it builds fragile paper nests that are tan in color to blend into hollow trees, eaves, and the siding of buildings.

A hornet infestation on your Frederick property can be hazardous due to the stinging risks presented by this pest. Not only are hornet stings painful, but they can trigger allergic reactions; even those who don't have preexisting allergy issues can become allergic due to the hornet's tendency to sting its victim multiple times. 

Hornet infestations may also pose a risk to trees and shrubs as they strip away the bark to get the sap, and they also chew up wood from around the area to create papery material they use for their nests. It is essential to invest in pest control services to put a stop to the many dangers that hornets bring.

The Secret To Keeping Hornets Out Of Your Frederick Yard

Hornets in your yard are one of the worst things to deal with as a homeowner due to this pest's aggressive nature and the risk of being stung. In addition to investing in local pest control for hornets, you can reduce the factors that attract hornets. The secret to keeping this pest out of your yard is removing items that attract them in the first place.

Below are some things that might be attracting hornets into your yard.

  • Left-out food, especially sugary and protein-rich items, are a major draw for hornets.
  • Trash cans containing food waste are another prime area for hungry wasps to scavenge.
  • Overgrown foliage, overhanging branches, and unprotected eaves are areas where they like to make their nests.
  • An abundance of sweet-smelling flowers or other plants will attract hornets.

If you have identified any of these factors in your yard, you should be working on removing and reducing them to make your property less hospitable to hornets. Hornet control from Miche Pest Control can also help you with this.

Four Simple Ways To Keep Hornets Away From Your Frederick Property

When it comes to keeping hornets away from your Frederick property, you can put preventative tips into place to ensure this pest doesn't come close. Below, we list some of our expert prevention tips for hornets.

  1. Ensure all leftover food is stored correctly and never leave dirty dishes, food, or drink spills in outdoor areas, as there are prime attractants for hornets.
  2. Make sure all outdoor trash areas are covered, and trash cans have tight-fitting lids to prevent the smells from attracting hornets that want to scavenge.
  3. Consider placing a fake wasp or hornet nest on either side of your property to deter hornets from settling. This insect is territorial and will not create nests within 200 feet of another hornet nest.
  4. Instead of planting bright, sweet-smelling flowers, invest in plants that generally repel hornets, such as marigolds, peppermint, and pennyroyals.

You can also work to eliminate overgrown foliage or hanging branches to remove nesting locations for hornets. And if you need help addressing an active hornet infestation on your property or want more information about keeping hornets away, don't hesitate to reach out to Miche Pest Control for quality pest control services.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Hornets Nest On Your Frederick Property

The best way to deal with a hornet's nest on your property is to leave the nest alone and utilize Miche Pest Control, a dependable pest control company in Frederick. Attempting the removal of a hornet's nest yourself and without proper protective equipment can result in a serious number of stings and possible medical complications. It can also be quite difficult to completely remove a hornet's nest by yourself, putting you at risk for reinfestation and further dangerous hornet concerns. 

Our team at Miche Pest Control has the experience and skillset you need to treat your hornet problem. We can safely and reliably remove any hornet nest you see and provide further tips on protecting your property against this pest, allowing you to remain free of hornets in the long term. Plus, our pest control plans offer a variety of options and include follow-up treatments to ensure that your Frederick property is hornet-free, no matter what.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Miche Pest Control at the first sign of hornets and the issues they cause. Contact us today to get started.

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